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SunPass vs. E-ZPass – Is SunPass Compatible with E-ZPass?

The E-ZPass system connects 17 different states through tolled lanes, tunnels, and bridges. However, Florida is not included on this list, unfortunately.

As E-ZPass is not accepted in tolled lanes in this state. Still, Florida’s state will be included on the E-ZPass system soon, but we still have to wait until that happens.

E-ZPass is not accepted in Florida, meaning an alternative is available: SunPass. If you are traveling to the Florida area soon.

In that case, it is highly recommended for you to get informed SunPass to avoid traffic congestion, especially in the Orlando zone.

Why can’t I use E-ZPass in Florida?

The system was designed over thirty years ago but was never really modified. Although some states have an individual toll-collection system, like Illinois’s I-Pass, they are compatible with E-ZPass. This is not the case with SunPass.

Where to get SunPass?

Florida is one of the nation’s most significant states, so there are high chances for you to drive through toll lanes. It’s better to prevent a problem and have the correct toll system for this state, even if you are traveling shortly.

Particular toll booths still accept cash in Florida, but using SunPass is the better option for you to save money and time. 

The first step to getting SunPass is going to the main website. The registration process is similar to when you first got your E-ZPass account.

You must create an account, request your transponder, and add funds to your account to drive through toll lanes. 

As for the transponder, you have two options. You can choose the regular transponder if you are a resident or stay in Florida for a long time, which costs $20. A mini-sticker transponder is available, which is cheaper; you can acquire it at the expense of $5.

How does SunPass work?

SunPass and E-ZPass are the same systems, even if they are not compatible with each other. They use the same RFID technology to process payments and a transponder to emanate a signal, which is then detected by an antenna when you drive through the toll booth. All of this happens in a few moments! 

There are many benefits for you if you choose the acquire SunPass. Those are similar to the perks you obtained when you received your E-ZPass tag. 

This system is also convenient because many areas around Florida, for example, most zones in Miami, don’t accept cash.

This is happening around the nation, as cash thruway toll plazas are obsolete and are being replaced with electronic toll-collection systems. All drivers must adapt to the new system as soon as possible.

Getting an E-ZPass or SunPass brings you the same benefits and will enhance your travel experience while you on the road.

Not only you won’t have to stop paying for the tolls, but you will also save a lot of time as you’ll arrive earlier at your destination.