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E-ZPass cost: How Much Does E-ZPass cost?

E-ZPass costs vary, depending on the state you’re currently traveling to. The E-Zpass system has been used since 1987 and is currently used in 17 states. Other states use their own “adaptation” of the system, such as the I-Pass, Illinois, or the NC Quick Pass, from North Carolina. 

Still, all systems have in common that they charge you a particular amount whenever you drive through the cashless toll booths. In some cases, agencies may add a monthly fee, usually not higher than $1.50.

We’ll compare different states so that you can see how much the E-ZPass system costs.

How much is an E-ZPass

Different states charge you distinct fees for E-ZPass.

It’s a bit complicated to answer the question we have as a title. Therefore, what we can do is give you a comparison of the prices across the nation so that you can have an idea of how much the E-ZPass will cost you.

In some states, the transponders are free-of-charge. Still, you must pay for the prepaid tolls so that you can use the system with no problems.

The prepaid tolls are the main problem here. As every state is different and deals with multiple agencies, they will charge distinct amounts. It’s a bit complicated to list all the prices, but we compared Massachusetts, Virginia, and Ohio and found out that Ohio is the cheapest of the three options.

 Remember that considering this is important because you are allowed to get an E-ZPass in a different state. It is also important to note that you will face different charges whenever you travel to those states. 

How much is an E-ZPass in Massachusetts?

In Massachusetts, it is not possible to request a yearly deposit. You must pay a $20 fee for starters if you intend to create an automatic replenishment account. However, you will be charged ten dollars more if you want to have manual account replenishment. 

After this, you should be aware that you’ll need a minimum of $20 in your balance to use the E-ZPass system. The accounts will replenish automatically once they’ve reached the $10 fee.

How much is an E-ZPass in Virginia?

Virginia is a bit costlier than Massachusetts. First, you must pay $35 in tolls. The stores available around the state charge you the same amount while adding $15 worth of prepaid tolls. Once the transponder has been associated with your account, you will be charged another $20 in prepaid tolls.

Virginia requires more account balance than Massachusetts, which is $35/unit. 

How much is an E-ZPass in Ohio?

As for Ohio, yearly fees are possible. Here, these fees will only cost you $9. To active your device, you must effectuate a $3 deposit. However, keep in mind you must have at least $25 in your balance for the account to be valid. 

Please note that you will attach your credit card information to the transponder regardless of your state of residence. In Ohio, the account will be automatically replenished to $25 once it reaches the ten-dollar gap. As for the transponders, different agencies will apply different prices.