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How To Install SunPass Mini?

Before discussing the SunPass Mini installation, let’s first talk about the SunPass Mini Transponder itself. SunPass Mini is the most basic and affordable model of the SunPass transponder.

It’s an alternative for those who don’t want to purchase the SunPass Pro, but it gives its user access to toll payments in only three states.

It’s used mainly by motorists traveling between North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. It’s under the SunPass program, established by Florida’s Department of Transportation (Office of Toll Operations).

It’s effortless to purchase this pocket-sized transponder as it is readily available on the official website, online stores such as Amazon and eBay, and offline stores such as Publix, Walgreens, Sedano’s, AAA, CVS Drug Store, etc.

You can also purchase the SunPass Mini transponder at SunPass service centers, rest areas, welcome centers, and county tax collection offices.

Before purchasing the SunPass Mini, we recommend signing up for an account first because you can’t use the transponder for toll payments without registering a SunPass account.

That being said, let’s show you how to install SunPass Mini.

How to Install SunPass Mini?

SunPass Mini installation is a short process. Here’s what it entails;

  • Purchase the transponder
  • Remove the SunPass Mini sticker from the pack
  • On the rear cover of the sticker, you’ll see an image-based guide on how to peel the rear from the sticker.
  • Put two fingers on the edge of the rear cover and slowly peel it away from the sticker.
  • After removing the rear cover, the adhesive side will be exposed. This is the side that will be placed on your windshield.
  • Attach it to the passenger side of the windshield from inside the car. We don’t recommend installing it on the driver’s side because it could obstruct your view of the road.
  • Go out of the car to inspect your work. The installation is pretty much done here. The next step is activation.

How to Activate SunPass Mini?

SunPass Mini activation is just as important as knowing how to install the SunPass Mini because, without activation, you cannot use the toll transponder to pay for toll fees on the roads. You’ll need to deposit to your newly created SunPass account to activate it.

 Before you activate the SunPass Mini, you need to have the following;

  • The vehicle license plate number
  • The transponder ID
  • Your details – phone number, address, and name

This is very important if you’re activating via phone or the website.

How to Activate the SunPass Mini?

  • By visiting the website (
  • By calling 1-888-TOLL-FLA (1-888-865-5352) and requesting activation
  • By visiting a SunPass service center

Your balance mustn’t go below zero dollars to keep the transponder active and avoid fines from Florida’s Department of Transportation.

After activation, you can immediately use the SunPass Mini transponder on lanes marked “SunPass Only,” “LEEWAY only,” and “E-PASS Only.”  By 8 am the next day, you can use it on other roads for toll payments.

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Can a SunPass Mini be Taped to the WindShield?

You won’t need to tape it because the SunPass Mini sticker has an adhesive side that attaches it firmly to your car’s windshield.

Where is the Transponder Name/ID on SunPass Mini?

Your transponder number is elementary to locate. You may even be staring at it without realizing it. It’s the 12 digits on your transponder or sticker. This number is used alongside your password to access your SunPass account. The 12 digits follow each other without hyphens, and that’s precisely how you should input it when accessing your account.

Can SunPass be Held Against the WindShield

This question is the same as ‘can a SunPass Mini be taped against the windshield?” 


The SunPass Mini is the most affordable model, but its drawbacks may make you consider going for the Pro model. Firstly, you can’t use the SunPass Mini outside North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

Secondly, you can’t use the SunPass Mini on motorcycles. Thirdly, you can’t transfer the sticker from car to car.

It has a one-time use, which means that if you remove it from the windshield, you’ll need another one. However, the SunPass Mini transponder has some benefits, such as SunPass Plus parking.