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How to Activate SunPass?

SunPass is a digital toll payment program launched by Florida’s Department of Transportation in 1999. To facilitate toll payments with SunPass, motorists must sign up for a SunPass account, purchase a SunPass transponder of their choice, install the device in their car, and activate it.

SunPass is the most affordable and popular toll payment system in Florida, with a user base of more than 13 million motorists. Once you install and activate SunPass and approach a toll booth, the transponder transmits wireless signals to the booth and gives it the green light to debit the toll rates from your prepaid account.

There are various models of SunPass transponders – the SunPass Mini and the SunPass Pro. The coverage you want should determine the kind of SunPass transponder you go for. For instance, if you travel to several states by road, we recommend using the SunPass Pro.

At the same time, the SunPass Mini is better suited for motorists traveling within Florida or to Georgia and North Carolina. Activating the SunPass is a simple process. Keep reading to know how.

How to Activate SunPass

How to Activate SunPass Mini and Pro?

The first step to activating the SunPass Mini transponder you’ve installed in your vehicle is depositing it into your newly created account. You can’t drive around with an empty prepaid account because there will be no funds to debit the toll fees from. To process your activation, you should have the following:

  •  Your vehicle plate number
  • Your phone number, name, and address
  • The transponder ID

There are several ways to activate your SunPass transponder;

  • By phone: this involves dialing the SunPass customer service center via  1-888-TOLL-FLA (1-888-865-5352) and requesting a transponder activation
  • By app or website: this is DIY activation
  • By going to the nearest SunPass service center.

How to Activate SunPass Online?

As we mentioned, you’ll need to use the website or the mobile app. Once you log in to your account, head to the “activate transponder” section and follow it up. Activating the SunPass online is convenient because you don’t have to go to a SunPass service center; you can do it from the comfort of your home.

How Long Does it Take to Activate SunPass SunPass Mini and Pro

Not long. Usually, the activation of SunPass transponders takes effect within 24 hours. After successfully activating your SunPass transponder, remember that if you want to use it immediately, your driving will be restricted to Managed Lanes in Florida (roads marked SunPass Only. LEEWAY Only, and E-PASS Only). After 24 hours from the time you activated the transponder, you can also use it on normal roads.

Do I Need to Activate My SunPass Transponder?

You can’t use your SunPass transponder if you haven’t activated it. Installing the transponder is not enough. Without activation, it just looks like an extra car accessory or decoration.

So yes, you need to activate your SunPass transponder to automatically pay toll fees when you drive through toll booths in Florida and other states where SunPass works.

Where can I Activate My SunPass?

If you need a physical location you can head to for this purpose, google “SunPass service centers near me.” When the results come up, visit the nearest one with the relevant details for the transponder activation.

Can you Activate a SunPass Immediately?

As mentioned, you can only immediately activate your transponder for toll payments in Managed Lanes. For normal roads, express lanes, and bridges, you’ll have to wait for 24 hours.

How Can I Tell if My Transponder is Working?

It will be evident if your transponder is working or not. When you drive through a SunPass Only lane or an express lane, you’ll see a sign flashing “Go SunPass.’

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Another indication you could watch out for to know if your transponder is working is the monthly statements you’ll receive via email or your mailbox. You can also sign in to your account to check your transponder status.


SunPass activation is fast enough though some motorists think it could be shorter, say within a few hours. This may happen eventually but bearing the current activation duration in mind, and it’s essential to process its activation a day before you’ll need to drive the vehicle.