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How to Get E-ZPass for Multiple States?

There are many toll-collection systems spread across the United States. However, E-ZPass is probably the largest of them.

All the electronic toll-collection systems function by using RFID or Radio-Frequency Identification technology. Thanks to it, the transponder attached to your vehicle’s windshield can communicate with the antenna installed in the multiple toll booths across the states. Your payments are effectuated automatically without you having to stop your car to give the operator some cash. 

How to Get E-ZPass for Multiple States

How to Get E-ZPass for Multiple States?

Some people unfamiliar with the system think their E-ZPass only works for one state. The truth is your transponder will work in all the states within the network. There are 18 as of now. There are plans for Florida to become part of the network, but we still have to wait for a while until that becomes true.

The new “Extra” transponder for multiple states

In 2018, it was announced that a new E-ZPass would be released, the “E-ZPass Xtra.” Although it is not part of the E-ZPass network, it still works in several states and can make you save a ton of money in the long-run. 

“Why is that?” You might be wondering. Thanks to this E-Pass Xtra, you will be able to travel through different states without having to change transponders or worrying about paying too much for the fees.

For example, let’s say you live in Virginia, one of the 18 states within the E-ZPass network. If you were to visit the Orlando area for whatever reason, like seeing a family member, you could use the E-Pass Xtra transponder instead of multiple ones.

This is hugely beneficial not only because you’ll save money, but also because your travels will be more straightforward and comfortable. 

The E-Pass Xtra can be purchased on the regular CFX website. It works in 18 states and is compatible with seven different toll agencies.

Is there something special I need to do to get the E-Pass Xtra installed?

No. You don’t need to make any extra effort or read any complicated instructions to get it functioning. It works exactly as your regular E-ZPass would, except this one is compatible with multiple agencies and allows you to travel further than the United States’ Midwestern and Eastern areas. 

Using the E-Pass Xtra is convenient, but don’t forget that it isn’t necessary to get it if you don’t usually travel outside the mentioned areas. Purchasing it may be an unneeded expense but may be worth it if you’re planning to travel on multiple occasions to states where the E-ZPass network has not arrived yet.

What other options do I have?

With all the states leaving behind the traditional cash toll booths, it’s highly recommended to implement a transponder in your vehicle if you’re going to travel to one of those states. This is to make sure you can travel fast and don’t have to stress about having enough charge with you every time you are near a toll booth so that you can pay for the fee.