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How to Get E-ZPass Statement Online

The E-ZPass website has a lot of great functions. Now, you can access all the information in your account by accessing it instead of attending a customer service center.

In addition, within the many actions you can do on the respective E-ZPass website, your location is requesting your E-ZPass statement for free.

All websites allow you to request quarterly account statements to keep track of your E-ZPass expenses. However, states like Virginia charge you $2 for a detailed monthly statement for every three tags. 

Another thing you can request is a free transaction report. Not only does this makes you available to access your information easily, but it also makes you able to manage your E-ZPass account at all times without having to attend the center personally. 

To start the requesting process, visit the correct website, look for the appropriate tab (as every website is different, we can’t provide you with precise information), and submit your request.

Depending on the document, your request will be available immediately after you’ve requested it or maybe after the payment for the information has been processed.

Suppose you wish to receive a privacy statement. In that case, you must follow the same process as requesting other of the documents mentioned previously.

Other things you can do online with your E-ZPass account

The website is convenient for everyone. You can do many other things here, that’s why it is highly recommended to be familiar with how it works.

Other actions you can perform on the E-ZPass website are the following:

Manage your information

Besides requesting quarterly or monthly statements, you can get free transaction reports. Also, you can modify your vehicles, personal, and payment information at all times.

Pay missed tolls

This feature is available on most websites. If you accidentally miss a toll, you can pay for it immediately online to avoid getting a Toll Violation Notice. These violations can be hugely expensive. You can learn more about E-ZPass violations in this article

Request a replacement for your transponder

Some drivers happen to lose their transponders for whatever reason, including robbery. If this is your case, you request a replacement online.

Still, first, you must ask for the deactivation to avoid the system from adding charges you did not submit to your account.

Replenish your account balance

Instead of going to the nearest Customer Service Center, you can replenish your funds through the website. You can do this by using your bank account, credit, or debit card.

Also, it is possible to configure the website to automatically take payments from your preferred payment method.

Another option you have is the “Pay Per Trip” plan, which allows you to pay for the tolls once your trip is over. You can learn more about how to pay for your E-ZPass tolls online in this article. 

It’s easy to use the E-ZPass website. Still, don’t hesitate to contact the customer service center to have your case sorted out if you have any doubts.