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How to register and add carpool to E-ZPass online

The E-ZPass is an electronic toll-collection system used widely in the Midwestern and Eastern areas of the USA.

There are multiple services available, and some of them include carpool plans for those who provide these services. However, unfortunately, these discounts are only available for New Jersey and New York

There were multiple locations where this discount was applied. However, in January 2020, these plans were discontinued for the Holland Tunnel, Lincoln Tunnel, And George Washington Bridge toll booths. During the same process, the prices were highly increased.

The E-ZPass discount available for carpool users requires you to have a particular transponder. This different device lets the system know you are carrying multiple people in your car.

Thanks to the discount, many of these service providers were hugely beneficiated, and they still are, except for the areas previously mentioned.

E-ZPass for Carpool – Getting started

If you are interested in the carpool plans available for E-ZPass users, here’s what you can do.

As of now, New York and New Jersey are the only states where these plans are available. Still, the E-ZPass Flex has a similar function and different programs available for those who use it, so not everything is lost. 

The first step you need to create an account on your location’s respective E-ZPass website. If you are unsure which one is appropriate, here you have the complete list of E-ZPass websites.

Here you have the New York and New Jersey websites, mainly talking about those two states in this article. The rest of the states can be found below:

  1. Delaware E-ZPass website.
  2. Florida is not part of the E-ZPass system yet, but you can learn more about how it’s functioning in this state by reading this file.
  3. E-ZPass Website for Illinois, or “I-Pass”
  4. E-ZPass Website for IndianaE-ZPass Website for Kentucky, or Kentucky RiverLink
  5. E-ZPass Website for Maine
  6. E-ZPAss Website for Maryland
  7. E-ZPass Website for Massachusetts 
  8. E-ZPass Website for New Hampshire
  9. E-ZPass Website for North Carolina, or NC Quick Pass
  10. E-ZPass Website for Ohio
  11. E-ZPass Website for Pennsylvania
  12. E-ZPass Website for Rhode Island
  13. E-ZPass Website for Virginia
  14. E-ZPass Website for West Virginia

How to register and add carpool to E-ZPass online?

In some areas, the E-ZPass Flex is not available. Therefore, you may not be able to receive the correspondent discount. However, like in NY and NJ, there are alternatives.

The process to add carpool to any E-ZPass website is essentially the same as if you were adding any other kind of vehicle.

When creating an account, you will be allowed to pick between different plans. For instance, in New York and New Jersey, you can choose the Port Authority Carpool Plan or PCACP.

According to the E-ZPass website, this plan is available for private E-ZPass users and those whose vehicles have non-commercial plates.

However, the site also states that you must enroll to apply for the plan. Excluding the areas previously mentioned, the toll rate is $7.75.