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E-ZPass vs. E-ZPass Flex – What is the Difference?

The E-ZPass system is one of the biggest toll-collection system networks nationwide. Thanks to it, many drivers have a better traffic experience, and their travels are hugely improved and completed faster. 

Despite the system being available for more than three decades, many people still rely on traditional thruway plazas. However, if you’re planning to switch to the electronic toll-collection system side, you’re probably wondering what the best option for you is.

There are two types of transponders: Standard and Flex. It can be a bit complicated to choose which one is the best for you, which is why this article is meant to give you all the necessary information to come up with a plan that adjusts better to your lifestyle. First, let us clarify some common doubts.

E-ZPass vs E-ZPass Flex

What is E-ZPass?

There are many electronic toll booths spread across the Midwestern and Eastern areas of the USA. The locations include different bridges, tunnels, and roads. Thanks to a transponder, people don’t have to use cash to pay for the tolls. You don’t even have to stop your car!

Your device has an identification code (which is unique to each car). Whenever you drive through the toll, the said code will be read, and the payment will be completed if there is a positive balance in your account automatically.

What is E-ZPass Flex?

E-ZPass Flex is another option for those who travel with multiple people and would like to receive a discount. 

The E-ZPass Flex transponder contains an additional switch. Thanks to it, you can specify the number of people traveling with you. Some roadways will tell you a specific number of people, and if you meet the requirements, you will receive a significant discount.

For this, slide the switch to the right so that you can see the “HOV ON” sign. It would be best if you did this before entering the toll road, tunnel, or bridge. Thanks to this, you can ride through different express lanes and save some money while you’re on the road.

Please make sure you are familiar with all the express lanes that accept E-ZPass Flex. For example, you can find more information on the matter for Virginia here. In other states, things can be different, and E-ZPass Flex may not be accepted.

I have an E-ZPass Flex transponder but don’t use it. What should I do?

If you possess an E-ZPass Flex transponder but have not used its prominent feature in twelve months, you can request an exchange. The process is free, and you can go to any Custom Service Center to receive your standard E-ZPass transponder.

However, things are different if you lost your E-ZPass Flex transponder or if someone stole it. To replenish it, you must pay a $20.00 fee, which is ten dollars costlier than filling a standard E-ZPass.

E-ZPass Flex is more expensive than the standard one, and you may only use it in specific situations. Due to it, it is only recommended to get it if you travel with multiple people at once.