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Does SunPass Work With E-ZPass?

If you’re a motorist based in Florida or any other state in the southeastern region of the United States of America, it’s almost certain that you must have heard of the SunPass or the E-ZPass. Does SunPass Work With E-ZPass? SunPass is one of the major toll transponders used across toll lanes, toll bridges, and express roads across various states.

It has a large base of users (13 million+) compared to transponders such as the EPass, which has less than a million users. The E-ZPass, on the other hand, is the largest toll collection system in the world.

If you’re not familiar with the workings of SunPass, you’ll want to know if it’s compatible with E-ZPass. Let’s find out.

Does SunPass Work With E-ZPass

Does SunPass Work With E-ZPass?

Asking if the SunPass works with the E-ZPass is like asking if a debit card works with an ATM. The SunPass is the first-choice prepaid toll program in Florida, and the state’s Department of transportation issues it.

On the other hand, the E-ZPass is a digital toll collection system used in toll booths across toll bridges, roads, and tunnels in several states such as Illinois, Maine, North Carolina, Florida, etc.

To answer your question, the SunPass works with the E-ZPass because the SunPass is accepted for toll payment in any state where the E-ZPass is also accepted.

A Motorist driving on a lane marked “SunPass only” can pay toll fees using the E-ZPass. It’s very interoperable.

Does SunPass Pro Work with E-ZPass?

The short answer is yes, the SunPass Pro works with the E-ZPass. When we mentioned that SunPass works with the E-ZPass, we were explicitly referring to the SunPass Pro.

It has the same scope of validity as the E-ZPass, and they both cover up to 19 states in the US. This means that anywhere the E-ZPass works in the US, the SunPass Pro transponder will also be accepted for toll payment.

These states include Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, Delaware, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Minnesota, and Virginia.

Does SunPass Mini Work with E-ZPass?

The SunPass Mini, unlike the SunPass Pro, has a very limited scope of validity. While the SunPass Pro works in up to 19 states, the SunPass Mini only covers three states; Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina.

It works with the E-ZPass to an extent, but as long as it is within those three states mentioned above. Anything beyond that, you’ll need to upgrade to the SunPass Pro.

Is SunPass and E-ZPass the Same?

What’s the difference between SunPass and E-ZPass? No, they are different. They are similar because they’re both toll transponders installed on vehicles and used to pay toll fees across toll booths across the same states.

The E-ZPass is a conglomerate of toll firms across 19 states in the US, and they own toll booths as well. On the other hand, SunPass doesn’t own toll booths and isn’t a group of toll entities.

The SunPass comes in varieties; the SunPass Mini and SunPass Pro.

With SunPass, you need to open an account with the official website, but you can purchase the transponder from several retail outlets such as CVS, Walgreens, Amazon, Publix, etc.

With E-ZPass, you can open an account with any of the agencies under it or service providers. One more thing to know; till May last year, the E-ZPass wasn’t accepted in Florida, but SunPass has been used on Florida toll roads since then.

Are SunPass and E-ZPass interchangeable?

Can you go through the SunPass lane with E-ZPass? Absolutely! As we mentioned earlier, the SunPass Pro transponder can be used on the same roads that the E-ZPass is used on, and the E-ZPass can be used to pay for tolls on “SunPass only” lanes.

Since one can be used to pay toll fees where the other also works, they are interchangeable. If you have the E-ZPass, there’s no need to purchase or sign up for the SunPass Pro transponder.

Can you go through the E-ZPass lane with SunPass?

Yes, you can because they are interchangeable. Just as motorists can use an E-ZPass to pay for tolls on SunPass lanes, it’s the same way you can use SunPass to pay for tolls on the E-ZPass lane.

The interoperability of E-ZPass isn’t restricted to just SunPass; it also extends to other transponders such as NC Quick Pass, Peach Pass, and LeeWay.


After looking at both transponders, it’s apparent that they share some similarities and work with each other.

So don’t fret when you find yourself staring at a state sign indicating that the lane you’re on is exclusively for SunPass, and you happen to be with an E-ZPass transponder.

Though they aren’t the same, they are interchangeable, so your toll payment will be accepted. If you already have one, you do not need to purchase the other.