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Where to put E-ZPass?

The E-ZPass is one of the prominent toll-collection systems around the USA. It is probably the biggest one, as it currently unites 17 states plus particular areas in Washington DC. Although the system has been used for little more than three decades, many people are still new to it and don’t know what to do with their new transponders.

A transponder is a small device attached to your vehicle’s windshield so that it can exchange information with the cashless toll booth whenever you drive through it. Thanks to it, you don’t have to stop all the time to pay for the tolls when you are on a trip, especially if you’re driving long distances.

If you don’t know how to mount your E-ZPass or where to put it, we have this covered for you. Here you have the proper instructions to install your E-ZPass transponder in your vehicle to make your life easier. It would be best if you followed them carefully.

Where to put E-ZPass

E-ZPass Transponder Mounting Instructions:

  1. First, let’s remember that your E-ZPass transponder is attached to your vehicle’s windshield. So, before getting started, make sure you clean and dry your windshield, especially in the rearview mirror area.
  2. Grab your E-ZPass tag. The front face has the E-ZPass logo and a serial number printed on it. You will also note a pair of upward-pointing arrows.
  3. Do not remove the mounting strips from the tag, but do so with the attached tape.
  4. The tag label must be facing you. As mentioned previously, the arrows should be pointing to the roof of your vehicle. Then, proceed to adhere the tag to the center area of your vehicle’s windshield. The most recommended site is below the tinted section of glass.

As you can see, it’s not that complicated to mount your E-ZPass. Still, if you’re unsure how to do it, the E-ZPass VA website has a complete guide with detailed information about how to mount it on your vehicle correctly.

Does E-ZPass work for multiple states?

Once you’ve acquired your E-ZPass, you can use it for multiple states, as long as it is included on the network. Some states have different systems, like North Carolina’s NC Quick Pass, but they’re compatible with your regular E-ZPass.

However, states like Florida have not implemented this toll-collection system on their toll roads yet. This means you either need to get a SunPass or CFX’s new “Xtra” pass, which works in multiple states, including Florida.

Have you not acquired your E-ZPass yet?

If you want to obtain your E-ZPass transponder but don’t know where to start, the process is simple. First, you need to identify the correct website for your place of residence. Or at least the place where you want to get your tag registered.

Remember that you can register your E-ZPass in a different state so that you can take advantage of that area’s discounts. Still, you need to register, choose the account type, and order your transponder. It will be delivered to your house within the next ten days once you have requested it.