Where to Buy E-ZPass in New York (NY)

Technology is advancing every day, and with that, many obsolete things that used to be vital are disappearing. Thruway toll plazas have become part of this list thanks to the appearance of E-ZPass systems, especially in New York

E-ZPasses in New York are among the cheapest, but drivers can opt from purchasing them in another state. According to the New York State Bridge Authority, drivers can acquire their E-ZPass tags at the NYSBA staffed toll lanes spread across the state. This has a cost of $25, which will be charged to your account upon registration of the tag.

You can register your tag via the E-ZPass New York website or by calling the following phone number: 1-800-697-1554.

How does the E-ZPass system work?

Before we get more in-depth about how the E-ZPasses work across the state of New York, it is necessary to understand how the system works.

Multiple states across the northeastern area of the US use the toll collection system known as E-ZPass. RFID technology is used so that when someone drives through the tollbooths spread across different zones, they don’t have to stop driving to pay for the toll. 

So that this can be possible, drivers must pay a whole month of access previously. After that, they will be granted a transponder, which is integrated inside the vehicle’s windshield. Then, whenever the driver approaches a toll, they will drive near a booth that contains an antenna. The driver’s transponder reacts to the antenna’s radio frequency field, and an exchange of information occurs. 

E-ZPass rates are higher for out-of-state drivers. 

New York offers excellent E-ZPass deals for locals, but out-of-state drivers have to face a not-so-generous fate. For instance, if you’re a driver with a New Jersey E-ZPass and drive near one of the many booths established across the state, they will pay a toll worth $9.50. On the other hand, drivers with a New York E-ZPass will end up paying $6.12 for the toll.

It’s worth noting that each state has different deals, and therefore, it makes sense they charge more for out-of-state drivers than residents. Read on to find out the E-ZPass deals available for New York drivers.

E-ZPass discount plans available in New York

Drivers who reside in New York or those who purchased their E-ZPass in this state are eligible for multiple discount plans. These include the following:

  • The Thruway annual permit plan is different for all drivers, depending on when you buy it. The only thing they have in common is that the first thirty miles will be covered by an annual fee, except for the Castleton-on-Hudson Bridge.
  • Commuter plans are available for people who travel through the most significant New York Bridges around the NYC area.
  • Resident plans are only available for those who reside in Grand Island, Staten Island, or the Rockaway-Broad Channel zone. You can receive discounts for local bridges by proving you reside in one of the mentioned areas.
  • Pay Per Trip is available as an alternative to the prepaid system. You can “post-pay” daily after using the toll system automatically.