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What is E-ZPass Plus? E-ZPass Parking Program Explained

Over thirty years ago, the E-ZPass electronic toll-collection system was implemented in the USA’s Midwestern and Eastern areas. Seventeen states use the network, and there are plans to include more in the future, such as Florida

This system has been hugely successful due to drivers’ many benefits, such as fast traveling and accessible toll rates.

Still, the E-ZPass system has more things to offer than you think. Some years ago, the E-ZPass Plus program was launched, and those that use a major credit card to replenish their E-ZPass account balance.

Where is E-ZPass Plus Used?

This expansion of the system is only available in specific areas of New York and New Jersey. Still, users from other states with E-ZPass can take advantage of this parking system.

Within the locations available for E-ZPass Plus, we have the Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark, New Jersey, and LaGuardia International Airport in New York.

There are more locations available, and you can find them here. Most of them are located in airports, though.

The only exceptions to this are the New York Avenue Parking garage in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and the Great New York State Fair in Syracuse, New York.

How does E-ZPass Plus work?

Understanding how the system works is simple, as it is part of the standard E-ZPass system. All the funds are taken from your main account, which means you don’t have to create a different account or modify anything in it to access this service. 

The parking fees are different in each location. Still, the payments are made differently, depending on how much they cost you.

For instance, if your account has enough balance and the parking fee costs you less than $20, it will be charged from those funds.

However, if the parking fee costs you more than $20, it will be charged from the credit card you associated with your account.

Whenever you are at an airport, you have about fifteen seconds to decide if you will use the E-ZPass parking program or not.

E-ZPass Plus is not available for everyone.

Some E-ZPass users do not qualify for using the E-ZPass parking system. For example, those who don’t use a credit card and replenish their E-ZPass account funds using cash or checks are excluded from this program.

Although this is a great option, it only applies to particular areas. It doesn’t have to give you too many headaches.

Is E-ZPass Plus worth it?

It depends on how you see it. Some people may see it as a great thing as they have a way of paying for the parking fee without cash.

In contrast, others may think it is unnecessary and prefer to pay for it the traditional way. Both options are valid, but it is essential to consider all the choices you have at hand before making a decision.