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How much is the Midtown Tunnel toll with E-ZPass?

The E-ZPass system is one of the most prominent toll-collection methods nationwide. It is used in different lanes, bridges, and tunnels to smooth traffic and improve your travel experience.

You can use the E-ZPass system in 17 states. New York is one of the states with the most bridges. One of the most frequented is the Queens Midtown Tunnel, where E-Zpass is accepted.

How much is the Midtown Tunnel toll?

Queens Midtown Tunnel will cost you $6.12. However, if you receive the tolls by mail, it will cost you $9.50.

Overall, the costs of E-ZPass tolls are cheap in New York. However, if you travel through the Queens Midtown Tunnel and do not have E-ZPass, you can learn how to do so here.

How much is the Midtown Tunnel toll
How much is the Midtown Tunnel toll

How to Get E-ZPass in NY?

Creating an account is the first step to using E-ZPass in New York. Still, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the website can sometimes be down.

Therefore, upon creating your account, you can request your transponder. This process can also be completed by calling the customer service center: at 1-800-697-1554.

If you don’t want to wait until your tag is delivered to your mail, you can visit any NYSBA staffed toll lane to acquire them. Each tag will cost you $25.

About E-ZPass fees in NY

For residents, there are multiple discounts and plans available. New York is amongst the states where E-ZPass tolls are less costly, which is an excellent advantage.

Still, this does not apply to visitors, who still have to deal with expensive tolls. Remember, you can open your E-ZPass account anywhere, and the discounts will still apply.

In NY, the standard fee applied to residents costs $6.12. However, if someone with a transponder not registered in NY drives through a toll booth, the toll will cost $9.50.

Still, there are many discounts and plans you can opt for. See below for a brief description of some of them.

You can reduce the cost of your tolls by acquiring an E-ZPass plan. Below is a list of some of the plans available in New York.

NY E-ZPass Discounts and Plans

There are multiple discount plans available for E-ZPass holders in NY. Some of them require proof of residence, but most of them apply to pretty much everyone. So let’s learn about them: 

Depending on your condition (resident and non-resident), plans are available. Everyone can use most plans, so don’t worry. 

These are the plans applicable to everyone:

Thruway Annual Permit Plan – You pay an annual fee, and the first thirty miles you drive will be covered by it. There are some exceptions, like the Castle-on-Hudson Bridge. 

Commuter Plans – Now we’re talking about bridges. If you are one of those who travel through bridges regularly, this may be the best option for you. This also applies to the majority of NYC.

Pay Per Trip – Instead of the regular prepaid system, you can choose a postpaid option. 

There is only one plan available for residents. All Resident Plans apply to those who prove they live in one of these three areas: 

  • Grand Island
  • Staten Island
  • Rockaway-Broad Channel