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Pennsylvania E-ZPass Discounts

Pennsylvania is one of the 17 states within the E-ZPass network. The E-ZPass is one of the most effective toll-collection systems nationwide.

It allows drivers to travel through different lanes, tunnels, and bridges without stopping their vehicles. It is highly convenient, and if you don’t have it yet, we recommend you start registering on the network now. 

As of now, there are no specific “discounts” available on the PA Turnpike website. Still, some discounts were applied in 2013.

Assuming these discounts are still available, it would help drivers save money. However, it is unknown whether the discount is still working or not.

The official website does not provide information about discounts, only about the accepted tags, account types, etc.

What E-ZPass discounts are available for PA as of now?

Unlike other states, there are no plans available, so you have to pay for the tolls the full price most of the time. It is unknown why things work like this in PA, but all drivers must adjust to it until they announce changes.

We can briefly describe what kind of E-ZPass accounts you can open on the Pennsylvania Turnpike website. There are two types of accounts, individual and business. 

Individual Accounts

Individual accounts are prepaid. Once you’ve acquired it, the transponder will cost you $35. As with many other states within the network, you must pay a $3 yearly fee to access the service.

If you own an individual account and lost your transponder, it will cost you $38. Since this is a prepaid option, the payment method you associate with your E-ZPass account must have available funds to pay for the tolls.

Business Accounts

Business accounts are either postpaid or prepaid. For example, suppose you own a company and at least ten vehicles with a weight that exceeds 15 thousand pounds.

In that case, you are eligible for a business account. Some examples of cars accepted are tractor-trailers, trucks, buses, and other commercial vehicles.

As mentioned above, if you open a business account, you can choose whether it will be prepaid or postpaid.

However, the postpaid option is only available for businesses whose expenses in tolls are at least $5,000 yearly.

You can find more information about Pennsylvania account types and toll fees here.

What can I do if I want to obtain a discount?

Many people opt for registering their vehicles in a different state if theirs does not offer discounts or if the ones available are not good.

This can be an option for you, but getting your tag registered in your residence state is highly recommended to make the process easier. Still, remember you can register at any E-ZPass website whenever you feel like it.

Some states with excellent discounts are New York and New Jersey. In Maryland, the transponders are free, but you still have to pay for the prepaid tolls and the annual fees.