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How to Pay Tolls in Alabama?

Like many South-Eastern US states, Alabama requires toll payments on certain lanes and toll bridges. These tolls apply to every motorist; it doesn’t matter whether they’re residing in, passing by, or visiting the state. For those who don’t know how to go about it, there are multiple ways to settle toll payments in the state. It’s left for you to know them and decide on the most convenient or preferred method.

Are There Tolls in Alabama?

The short answer to this question is yes. Alabama has four toll bridges and roads where every motorist must pay tolls before they can pass through. The only states where there aren’t tolls are those without any toll facility, but that’s a very unlikely occurrence since the government use tolls to generate revenue for the state. As a motorist driving through or in Alabama, you should get yourself acquainted with these toll roads and bridges.

Alabama Toll Roads and Bridges

Montgomery Expressway Bridge

This toll road covers a distance of about 20 kilometers. It crosses over the Alabama River, and it’s the connecting road between Montgomery and the towns northward. Motorists usually drive through this route when they want to avoid the traffic on Interstate 65. This saves them time and gas. Also, the bridge connects to State Route 152. To get to the Montogomery Expressway Bridge, you have to drive through the Alabama River Parkway. This bridge also connects the cities of Newport and Newark. The toll booth is always open regardless of the hour or day.

Emerald Mountain Expressway

This toll road is also called Dozier Road, and it covers a distance of 3.2 kilometers. Motorists prefer taking this route to avoid the usually congested Highway 231 when driving into or out of Montgomery, which can cost you 45 minutes of your day. The bridge gives motorists good views of the city’s beauty. You can get to the Emerald Mountain Expressway through Dozier Road, which is off State Route 4 (Rifle Range Road) and State Route 64 (Wares Ferry Road).

Tuscaloosa Bypass

The Tuscaloosa Bypass is roughly 29 kilometers long. It’s the best way to get from Tuscaloosa to Northport on time. The other option is an unpleasant driving experience through Interstate 359. This road also links US Highway 82 and other major roads with Interstate 20 and 59. You must use Joe Mallisham Parkway, westward of Tuscaloosa, to get to the bypass. The toll booth is active 24/7.

Foley Beach Express Toll Bridge

This toll bridge covers a distance of 22.5 kilometers. It’s a good alternative to driving along Highway 59 with its characteristic traffic and stoplights. This toll bridge connects the town of Foley and Interstate 10 with Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. To get to the Foley Beach Express Tol Bridge, you must follow exit 49 on Interstate 10.

Now you know the roads you have to pay tolls on. Let’s find out how much these tolls cost.

How Much are Tolls in Alabama?

The amount is not generally uniform. It depends on the road/bridge you’re using and the axle profile of your vehicle. Vehicles with a 3-axle profile and above will incur higher toll fees than those with a 2-axle profile.

  • On the Montgomery Expressway Bridge. The toll cost for a 2-axle vehicle is $1.50, $1.75 for a 3-axle vehicle, and $2.00 for a 4-axle vehicle. Judging from the consistent additions to toll costs per axle, an additional axle will cost an extra $0.25. This means a 6-axle vehicle will cost $2.50.
  • On the Emerald Mountain Expressway, the toll cost for a 2-axle vehicle is $1.75, $2 for a 3-axle profile, $2.25 for a 4-axle vehicle, and $2.50 for a 5-axle vehicle.
  • On the Tuscaloosa Bypass, the toll rate for a 2-axle vehicle costs $1.50, $1.75 for a 3-axle vehicle, $2 for a 4-axle vehicle, and an extra $0.25 per additional axle profile.
  • The toll rates on the Foley Beach Express Toll Bridge are much more expensive than on the above-mentioned toll roads/bridges. The toll rate for a 2-axle profile is $2.75. A 3-axle profile will incur $3.75, while a 4-axle vehicle will cost $4.75 in toll rates.

How to Pay Tolls in Alabama?

You can pay toll rates in Alabama via the following methods;

  • Cash: This payment method takes time because the motorist will have to stop at the toll booth to make payments before driving on. It’s the oldest method of paying toll fees.
  • Freedom Pass Card: This is the most popular means of paying toll fees in Alabama, and it’s commonly used by frequent motorists.
  • Toll-By-Plate Payment: This is another electronic means of toll payment. It’s a license plate tolling system, which means that as you drive through a toll facility, the booth reads your vehicle license plate and debits the toll charge from your account. After the payment has been processed, an invoice with the travel information is mailed to the driver. This works on the Foley Beach Express Toll Bridge.
  • Credit Cards: This method involves paying via the card at the toll booth or paying the charge via the card later before it’s overdue. It only works on the Montgomery Expressway Bridge, though.

What is Freedom Pass?

It’s like a debit card for tolls. Just like the SunPass in Florida, it’s an electronic toll transponder. It’s linked to a prepaid account the motorist has to fund since that’s where the toll fees will be automatically deducted. This toll transponder is installed on the vehicle’s windshield, and as you drive through the toll booth, it will transmit wireless signals to the booth, which authorizes it to debit the designated toll fee from the prepaid account.

It works with Android and iOS devices. Freedom Pass users tend to qualify for toll discounts if they use it to pay tolls more than 25 times in a month. The Freedom Pass doesn’t require the motorist to buy a transponder and doesn’t have an expiration date. Also, there’s no service fee for using the pass.

Motorists don’t have limits on the minimum amount they can fund their prepaid account with, and there are also no limits on the number of cards they want to link to their account. When your prepaid account gets low, the card automatically replenishes your account, so you don’t run out of funds to pay your tolls. You must register online and create a prepaid account to get this pass card.

How to Pay a Missed Toll in Alabama?

Missing toll payments are quite common, and it happens if your prepaid account doesn’t have enough money to settle your toll fee. When you fail to pay your tolls, you’ll be mailed an invoice with extra administrative fees as a sanction. The invoice will also contain information that will guide you on how to pay your missed tolls.


Though there are about four ways to pay toll fees in Alabama, we recommend using the Freedom Pass Card. This is because motorists using this method will enjoy discounts of 10 cents per trip. The amount may seem small, but when you multiply that by 100 trips a month, you’ve saved $10 in toll fees. Following the same calculation, you’ll have saved $120 in a year. Choosing to use the Freedom Pass in Alabama is a no-brainer.