How to Get an E-ZPass in NY?

Cashless toll booths have come to replace the standard thruway toll plazas. In the latest years, New York implemented the E-ZPass system, making it one of the seventeen states in the network.

For residents, the E-ZPass system is cheap. For visitors, it’s costly. Still, you don’t have to get your E-ZPass in NY, although it is highly recommended to do so, especially if you want to take advantage of the discounts. The New York State Bridge Authority says drivers may acquire their E-ZPass tags at the multiple NYSBA staffed toll lanes. It will cost you $25. The said fee will be applied once you’ve completed the tag’s registration process.

How to Get an E-ZPass in NY

If you want to learn how to get an E-ZPass in NY, it is easy. Visit the New York E-ZPass website, or call this number, 1-800-697-1554, to make your request. It’s easier than you think and only requires a few steps to be completed.

After a couple of weeks, you will be ready to use the E-ZPass system not only in New York but in all the states and all the cashless toll booths spread across the country! 

Why are E-ZPass rates higher for out-of-state motorists?

Maybe it is to encourage people to get their states’ E-ZPass transponders, but we’re unsure how to answer that question. Still, out-of-state drivers pay a lot of money for the tolls, compared to the residents.

To give you an example of this, let’s say you’re a driver from New Jersey. If you drive through one of the toll booths, you will pay $9.50. However, if someone with an E-ZPass registered in New York does the same thing, their toll will cost $6.12. Do you notice the drastic difference?

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Each state offers different plans and discounts. See the section below to find out what discounts and plans are available for NY E-ZPass owners.

NY E-ZPass Discount Plans

If you are from NY or reside in the area, you can be eligible for the discount plans available in the state. There are many, and we list here some of the ones you can choose.

  • First, you have the Thruway Annual Permit Plan. It is distinct for all drivers and depends on the time you get it. An annual fee will cover the first thirty miles. However, keep in mind that this excludes the Castleton-on-Hudson Bridge.
  • Second, you have the Commuter Plans. If you are frequently traveling through NY’s most significant bridges or the NYC area, this plan can be suitable for you.
  • Third, those who live in Grand Island, Staten Island, or the Rockaway-Broad Channel area receive the Resident Plans. You will be granted excellent discounts once you provide proof of residence (of the mentioned areas, of course).
  • Fourth, you have the “Pay Per Trip” option. If you don’t like the standard prepaid system, this option may suit you better. For instance, you can pay daily after the toll system has been used.

There are more plans, so be sure to visit the discounts page for more information!