How to Cancel E-ZPass

The E-ZPass system is convenient for people that constantly travel through different areas with toll roads. However, if recently you suffered a change, and now you don’t need to drive through toll roads, then maybe it’s time to cancel your E-ZPass account. The process isn’t complicated, and it is available for you at all times.

When you cancel an E-ZPass account, you won’t have to deal with any other charges that may come up thanks to it in the long-term. You can do this quickly by mailing a form or visiting the nearest customer service center in your area. Whether it is the option you’ve chosen, here we tell you all the essential details about the process. 

How to Cancel E-ZPass

You must return all devices you used.

Even if you had only one transponder working, you must return it. It is recommended that once you receive your E-ZPass, you store the packing materials you received when it was first delivered. Wrap them in aluminum foil, and then mail it to the agency along with the form we mentioned in the previous section.

E-ZPass companies across the states recommend to mail back the devices using a delivery confirmation service. Once you’ve got proof of delivery, please keep it in a safe place.  

Some time will pass until what you’ve mailed is processed. But after the process is done, you will be notified, and if you still had a balance in your account, it will all be returned to the credit or debit card you associated on the website. 

Thanks to this, you are protecting yourself from dealing with unnecessary charges, such as the monthly fee applied to most E-ZPass drivers across the state.

Please remember that you must cancel your E-ZPass account via the correct website. For example, if you want to cancel your NY E-ZPass, you must visit the New York E-ZPass website.

What happens next?

Once you’re done with this process, you will be left without an E-ZPass account. In the future, if you want to travel and there is a toll lane on the road, you still will be required to pay fees, but this time, you must stop (if the toll lane accepts cash, otherwise, prepare yourself to pay a very expensive fine). 

To avoid the previous scenario, please make sure you plan the road you’ll take thoroughly and that you have enough change before going out.

What if I lost or got my E-ZPass stolen? 

You don’t need to cancel your E-ZPass tag if your device has been stolen or if you lost it somehow. You must get in touch with the correspondent E-ZPass custom care center via their website or by calling. For example, in New York, you can report a stolen or lost E-ZPass by calling this number, 1-800-333-TOLL or 1-800-333-8655, or by directly visiting the NY E-ZPass website.

Upon reporting your E-ZPass as stolen or lost, you won’t be charged for any future transactions effectuated with it. The tag will be deactivated, and you will receive a new one within the next few days, but you will be required to pay a replacement fee. You can find a great example of this on this website.