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How to Cancel an E-ZPass?

“You’re not alone.” Many motorists have found themselves pondering how to terminate their E-ZPass memberships, especially if they no longer frequent toll roads or have moved to an area without them.

While the E-ZPass system has undeniably brought convenience to countless commuters, life changes, and sometimes that little tag on your windshield is no longer necessary.

Did you know that the cancellation process is more straightforward than many realize? Let’s walk you through the steps to ensure a smooth E-ZPass cancellation.

E-ZPass Cancellation Process (How to Cancel an E-ZPass?)

The mere thought of navigating government and official websites can be daunting.

But if you’ve decided to close your E-ZPass account, fear not! The procedure is user-friendly and straightforward.

Let’s explore the key steps to ensure your E-ZPass cancellation is hassle-free.

Before You Begin the E-ZPass cancellation Process

Settle Outstanding Tolls:

Before anything else, ensure all your tolls are cleared. Check by logging into your E-ZPass website or calling the E-ZPass phone number linked to your state’s customer service.

Prepare Your E-ZPass Tag:

Grab your E-ZPass tag and have your account details ready. These will be crucial for any method of cancellation you choose.

State-Specific Procedures:

Depending on where you got your tag, the E-ZPass closure procedures may vary. Being familiar with your state’s specific steps is always a good idea.

Initiating the E-ZPass Cancellation

Online Method:

  1. Navigate to your state-specific E-ZPass website.
  2. Once logged in, head over to “Manage Account” or “Account Overview.”
  3. From here, options like “Close Account” or “Cancel Account” should be visible. Click and follow the promptings.

Via Phone:

  1. Dial the E-ZPass phone number specific to your state’s customer service.
  2. Clearly express your intent to cancel the E-ZPass tag.
  3. Be prepared; the representative might inquire about your reasons for the E-ZPass termination.

Through Mail:

  1. Draft a letter, ensuring you include your E-ZPass contact information, like account and tag numbers.
  2. Express your desire for E-ZPass cancellation.
  3. Address it to your state’s E-ZPass customer service center.

Post Cancellation: Returning the E-ZPass Tag

Once your E-ZPass cancellation is done, returning the tag is essential. Here’s how:

By Mail:

  1. Securely package your tag.
  2. Ensure the E-ZPass customer service address is correctly written on the envelope.
  3. Dispatch the package to the specified address.


  1. Simply carry your tag to a designated retail location.
  2. Hand it over to an attendant, making sure they understand it’s for account closure.

Financial Aspects of Closing Your E-ZPass Account

Money matters are a critical part of any cancellation process, and with E-ZPass, it’s no different.

Termination Fee:

You might encounter an E-ZPass termination fee, depending on your state. Ensure you’re aware of this potential charge before you finalize the cancellation.

Refunding Your Deposit:

After completing the account, expect a deposit refund. The amount returned will exclude any processing fees. Be patient; the refund process might take a few weeks.

Why Contact Information Matters?

Having the correct E-ZPass contact information is paramount.

It’s not just about knowing the E-ZPass website or E-ZPass phone number; it’s about ensuring you’re reaching out to the correct regional department.

Remember, canceling an NY E-ZPass? You should be on the New York E-ZPass website and calling the New York E-ZPass phone number. Double-checking saves time and avoids potential mishaps.

What If Your E-ZPass Gets Lost or Stolen?

Life happens. And sometimes, that means misplacing things, including our E-ZPass tags.

No Need for Panic: If your E-ZPass tag goes missing, you don’t necessarily have to undergo the full termination process.

Immediate Reporting: Contact the E-ZPass customer service for your state ASAP. Like New York, most states offer dedicated phone numbers, such as 1-800-333-TOLL, to report lost or stolen tags.

Protection From Unauthorized Charges: Once reported, you won’t be held accountable for tolls incurred by the lost or stolen tag. The tag will be deactivated swiftly to prevent misuse.

Replacement Tags: While the lost tag gets deactivated, you can receive a new one. However, be aware there’s typically a replacement fee involved.

The Aftermath of E-ZPass Closure

You’ve successfully terminated your E-ZPass account. What now?

Back to Traditional Tolls:

With your E-ZPass gone, toll lanes will revert to their standard operations for you. If they accept cash, ensure you have the exact amount or be ready for potential fines in non-cash lanes.

Plan Your Routes:

With no E-ZPass, it’s wise to map out toll-free routes or prepare for stops at toll booths.


If the need arises, remember that reactivating or obtaining a new E-ZPass is always an option. Just visit the E-ZPass website of your state and follow the registration steps.

Tips to Ensure a Seamless E-ZPass Cancellation Process

While the steps above are comprehensive, there are additional insights that can further smoothen your journey through E-ZPass cancellation:

Document Everything:

Keeping a record is beneficial when communicating with any service provider.

Documentation can save you from potential future disputes, whether it’s the date you mailed your tag or a note from a phone call with E-ZPass customer service.


After initiating the E-ZPass termination, don’t just wait.

After a week, follow up with the E-ZPass customer service to confirm they’ve received your cancellation request and get an update on the process.

Avoid Peak Times:

When calling the E-ZPass phone number, try to do so during off-peak hours.

Early mornings or late evenings can be ideal. This ensures quicker response times and more attentive assistance.

Reconsider Before Cancellation

Before you seal the deal on your E-ZPass termination, it’s worth noting a few things:

Future Travels:

Consider your future travel plans even if you’re not currently using toll roads. If there’s a possibility you might frequent toll roads in the coming months, keeping the account might be more beneficial.

Multiple Vehicles:

Remember, you can use one E-ZPass account for multiple vehicles. If you have more than one car or are planning to get another, it might be convenient to maintain the account.

Periodic Review:

If you’re unsure about the cancellation, set a reminder to review the situation in another month or two. Sometimes, giving it a little more time can help in making a more informed decision.

In The End…

E-ZPass, like any service, is designed to cater to specific needs. As life evolves, so do our requirements.

Whether it’s the decision to keep your E-ZPass or to terminate it, the key lies in understanding what serves your current situation best.

And, as always, when in doubt, reaching out to the E-ZPass contact information specific to your state can offer clarity.