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EZ Tag vs EZ Pass: Is EZ Tag and EZ Pass the same?

Seventeen states are working within the E-ZPass network. However, if you visit Texas soon, you should be informed that your E-ZPass won’t work there.

This is because Texas uses three different electronic toll-collection systems, which are all compatible.

Within the three options, you have TxTag, TollTag, and EZ TAG. This time, we’re going to give you a comparison between the E-ZPass and EZ TAG systems.

What is E-ZPass?

As mentioned above, this toll-collection system is used in 17 states, specifically around the USA’s Midwestern and Eastern areas.

In addition, particular areas of other states are included, like Washington DC and some Orlando zones.

People can obtain E-ZPass at any time by visiting their respective websites. Upon registering on the website, you can request your transponder.

Your device will be delivered within the next seven or ten business days. 

What is EZ TAG?

EZ TAG is one of the three toll-collection systems available in Texas. They share similar names and functions, but they are different networks.

Since the E-ZPass network does not reach Texas, EZ TAG can be a good alternative while you are there.

EZ TAG works throughout all Texas areas, so you don’t have to worry if there is a different electronic toll lane and you don’t have the correct transponder.

Here you can find more information about the EZ TAG.

EZ Tag vs. EZ Pass

EZ Tag vs. EZ Pass: Key differences and similarities

The E-ZPass and EZ TAG systems are both similar. Both of them use RFID technology to effectuate payments. For the process, they use a transponder.

This device must be attached to your vehicle’s windshield (which can be internal or external).

The mentioned device sends a signal to an antenna, where your account’s information is read and processed, and the payment is effectuated.

All of this happens within seconds when you drive through the toll booth.

Both systems use the same technology to make the process work. However, they are not compatible with each other.

So if you drive through EZ TAG lanes with an E-ZPass (and vice versa), you are committing an offense.

Where can I get E-ZPass or EZ TAG?

The process to get E-ZPass and EZ TAG is pretty much the same. You must visit the respective websites, register, and request your transponder.

Here you have a list of all the websites and places where you can get them. 


EZ TAG can be obtained on this website. You can also find helpful information about functioning, where to get it, and other valuable data. 


E-ZPass can be obtained on the following sites.

  1. Delaware E-ZPass website.
  2. Read this file to get more info about E-ZPass in Florida.
  3. E-ZPass Website for Illinois, or “I-Pass”
  4. E-ZPass Website for Indiana
  5. E-ZPass Website for Kentucky, or Kentucky RiverLink
  6. E-ZPass Website for Maine
  7. E-ZPAss Website for Maryland
  8. E-ZPass Website for Massachusetts 
  9. E-ZPass Website for New Hampshire
  10. E-ZPass Website for New Jersey
  11. E-ZPass Website for New York
  12. E-ZPass Website for North Carolina, or NC Quick Pass
  13. E-ZPass Website for Ohio
  14. E-ZPass Website for Pennsylvania
  15. E-ZPass Website for Rhode Island
  16. E-ZPass Website for Virginia
  17. E-ZPass Website for West Virginia