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E-ZPass Discount Plans – How do we get it?

There are 17 states within the E-ZPass network, including some areas in Florida and Washington DC. It is a significant advantage for those who continually travel through the USA’s Midwestern and Eastern zones.

It enhances your driving experience and helps to smooth traffic conditions in general. All of this is because drivers don’t have to stop to pay for the tolls; it is an automatic process that happens while you’re driving instead. 

Although the system was launched more than three decades ago, there are many doubts about new motorists. If you wonder whether a senior discount for E-ZPass exists, yes, they do.

People are eligible for standard plans, resident plans, and even unique plans, depending on the vehicle type. 

Before going deeper into the topic, you must be aware that, even if the same institution regulates the E-ZPass system, the E-ZPass Group, the rules, requirements, and discounts are individual for each state.

Therefore, the plans available for New York drivers are not the same for those from Maryland

You can also find a comparison of the E-ZPass prices across the nation so that you can have a better idea of what you’ll pay for the tolls.

With that being said, let’s move on and describe some of the discounts available for E-ZPass users.

E-ZPass Discount Plans Available

As we said in the previous section, there are multiple plans available, depending on the state you reside in or the state where you registered your E-ZPass tag.

New York

Let’s stake New York as an example, for starters. In NY, you have three main plans including the commuter plans.

All plans are different, and each one provides a distinct benefit to your E-ZPass experience. Therefore, it is recommended to go through each one until you find one that suits your lifestyle better.

When it comes to New York, there are multiple plans available, depending on several factors, such as the season where you acquire the tag.

In New York, you can even get discounts for residing in particular areas. The resident programs provide great deals but are limited to a few ones. You can find more information about NY E-ZPass discount plans here.

New Jersey

There are plans in New Jersey, but one of the most significant is the Port Authority Carpool Plan or PCACP. It is an excellent option for those who provide these services and continually travel through the NJ and NY areas (the plan is also available for NY!)

Some NJ plans are similar to those in NY, with some exceptions. Still, you can find more information about the discounts and plans available for NJ on this page. Pick the ones you think adjust better to your lifestyle and family size.

Different discounts are available for all states.

Again, the discounts available for E-ZPass greatly vary, depending on the state you reside. Many people opt to register their E-ZPass tag in a state with good E-ZPass discount plans.