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E-ZPass Class Action Lawsuit – Is It a Scam?

The E-ZPass system is widely used across the Midwestern and Eastern areas of the United States. It currently connects 17 states, including New Jersey. 

This system is highly convenient for those who drive through toll lanes, tunnels, and bridges in different areas. Using E-ZPass makes your travels smoother and quicker.

However, it is not always as good as it seems. Some known problems have been going on for a while. 

In New Jersey, drivers have been required to pay a fine worth $50 for a while. There are several “reasons” why they may be required to pay such a high fine (for a toll-collection system), such as going through E-ZPass lanes without a transponder or even by “evading” their E-ZPass bills.

According to New Jersey laws, requesting a driver to pay more money than the agency used to gather unpaid tolls is impossible. Still, the cost of that process is not specified.

This same fact forbids the E-ZPass system from “profiting” out of fines. Due to this, many E-ZPass owners charged with these expensive fines appeal what the Turnpike Authority decided, saying “the fee is permissible under state law.” 

About the Case

The attorney representing E-ZPass users is Matthew Faranda-Diedrich, who states the fee violates the 8th Amendment, forbidding disproportionate fines. 

The fine was original $25, but the cost was doubled over nine years ago. This increase “was necessary to take care of all the expenses related to processing E-ZPass violations.”

As the case is still unresolved, we must wait until the legal system decides. Unfortunately, as of now, each party’s arguments have been solid, which makes the process even harder to handle.

As of now, it is uncertain to say whether the fine is a scam or not. It can be, but the Turnpike Authority says there are hidden charges they are not considering, such as maintenance for the antennas, cameras, and other devices used to keep track of the vehicles.

This controversial fee is still handed to many drivers daily, even during the coronavirus pandemic. 

How can I join the E-ZPass class action lawsuit?

If you have been affected by this controversy, you can start taking action by contacting the attorney in charge of the case. You can contact Matthew Faranda-Diedrich through the following phone number: 267-546-0275.

Other ways to join the class-action lawsuit include contacting Randi Fair via email using the following address: [email protected] or calling the phone number 215-839-1000.

You can join the case any time, as it is unclear how much time will pass until they decide.

As the system hasn’t taken any action against the E-ZPass Group for charging drivers excessive fines, you still have to deal with them since there is no official statement the system cannot do so.

We must wait for a while until they reach a decision, but for now, you can give your support to the lawsuit by joining it via the methods mentioned above.