E-ZPass vs Cash Payment – Is EZ Pass cheaper than paying tolls in NY?

Since its introduction three decades ago, E-ZPass has become an ever-present technology on US highways. Although this cashless tolling mechanism is prevalent, not every road user makes use of it. There are arguments for and against the use of EZ Pass NY to pay for tolls, especially in New York State.

Some argue that it makes traveling easier as you spend less time at toll plazas paying cash for tolls. Others argue that you may end up paying more than you should for trips in and out of New York. Before we dwell further on the economic arguments, let us first understand in great detail what EZ Pass is all about.

What is EZ Pass?

E-Z Pass is a technological toll collection program that allows motorists to pay tolls without cash. For it to work, an electronic EZ Pass NY tag is placed on the roof, license plate or windshield of the car. So each time the vehicle passes through a toll, a specified amount is deducted from the EZ Pass prepaid balance.

Is EZ Pass cheaper than paying Cash at tolls?

Using EZ Pass at tolled highways is cheaper than paying with cash. As an EZ Pass account holder, you receive a 5% discount off toll rates each time you pay for tolls. While 5% may not be much, enjoying such a discount over time as a regular toll toad user is quite a lot. Also, if you enroll for the EZ Discount Plan, you save between 25%-50% off 30 trips every month. That’s a great money-saving scheme!

It will also interest you to know that the financial incentive attached to EZ Pass accounts is not the only reason why drivers in New York are turning to the use of this cashless electronic arrangement. There are several other benefits as well.

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Other benefits of using EZ Pass

Some other benefits drivers get to enjoy are:

Trip Convenience: Imagine if you had to stop at each toll to dig out cash from your pocket to pay for your toll. Also, imagine the few extra seconds it would take for your payment to be processed. If time is of the essence to you, using an E-Z Pass will make your journey a lot more convenient as you’ll be able to avoid traffic congestion.

Constant Online Access: You can check your EZ Pass account balance on the go as long as you have an internet connection. You can also print statements and fund your account using electronic means.

Automatic Replenishment: You don’t have to visit an EZ Pass Customer Service Center anytime your balance runs low. You can do so with your debit or credit card when the need arises.

Accessible Customer service: For any complaint or inquiry you might have, you can visit any EZ Pass Center near you to have your questions answered.  Customer service centers are open from Mondays all through Fridays from 8 am-6 pm.

Paying for tolls with EZ Pass may be marginally cheaper than using cash, but if you use it regularly, the discounts you accumulate are indeed a great money-saving scheme.

Customer Support: Should you encounter any form of technical trouble with your EZ Pass account, you can always visit any of EZ Pass offices in New York City to layout your complaints.

How can I apply for E-Z Pass if I want to use it to make toll payment?

E-Z Pass is both a cost-saving and convenient mode of paying for tolls, and motorists are offered 5% discounts on each payment. If you wish to apply for an E-Z Pass customer account, you can do so by applying through email or by visiting www.e-zpassny.com to apply. You can also apply at any EZ Pass customer service centers across the state.

Paying for tolls with EZ Pass may be marginally cheaper than using cash, but if you use it regularly, the discounts you accumulate are indeed a great money-saving scheme.


  • How to calculate New York tolls?

New York tolls are calculated based on your car’s height, distance traveled, and the number of axles it has. All three factors influence your toll charge each time you use NY turnpikes.

  • If I want to obtain my Vehicle Classification & Toll Schedule Chart, how do I go about it?

You can obtain your Vehicle Classification data and Schedule Charts online or call New York’s Division of Toll Collection on this number 518-436-2805.  You can also send an email using their online contact form.

  • How can I pay for EZ Pass tolls?

There are various options open to you if you want to fund your account, depending on whichever is convenient for you. One option is to fund your account using a credit card. To do so, simply log onto your account then navigate to the Update Personal Information portal. Add Credit Card information, then complete the change to Credit Card. You may also choose to pay your EZ Pass Tolls by check or even a money order. Money orders or checks should be addressed to EZ Pass and mailed to EZ Pass New York. A third option is to pay in person at any EZ Pass office in the state.

  • I want to find out about discounts for motor homes or Motorbikes?

Users of motorbikes and motor homes are also entitled to discounts under the EZ Pass program. To enjoy a discounted plan, you will be asked to provide proof of vehicle registration. If you use a motorbike, you will be charged 50% as a cash toll rate. As for motor homes, they are charged the same as passenger vehicle rates depending on the number of axles the motor home has. To enroll for any of these discounts, place a call over to 1800-333-8655 or simply visit any of the 7 E-Z Pass Service Centers.

  • Do I need to pay twice the toll if my car pulls a motor home?

No, you don’t have to pay for two tickets. EZ Pass bills vehicles based on the number of axles they possess, including their height.