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E-ZPass for Trucks – How does it work?

The E-ZPass is widely used nationwide. In the network, there are 17 states, and there are plans for including Florida.

Still, the system works the same for all vehicles: you must attach a transponder to your vehicle’s windshield. Then, whenever you drive through a cashless toll booth, it will send a signal to the antenna near the area, automatically effectuating the toll payment.

This is something necessary for everyone who uses the E-ZPass system. However, not all drivers know that each transponder or tag assigned to their vehicles is different.

E-ZPass for Trucks

There are particular types of transponders. You may need a unique device if your vehicle requires it, but that’s not everyone’s case.

To find out whether you need a different transponder, you must go to a customer service center, and they will take care of your case.

An E-ZPass tag for commercial vehicles, such as a truck or a bus, is blue. On the other hand, an E-ZPass tag for standard passenger vehicles is white.

There are different colors assigned to special cars; for example, those related to the government use a blue tag. In New York, there are orange tags for emergency vehicles in particular areas.

In this same state (NY), green tags are assigned to low-emission or zero-emission vehicles (if they qualify) and a ten percent discount simultaneously.

It is incorrect to assume the differences between each E-ZPass tag are merely aesthetical. The system is way more complex.

The system programs the tag for a specific type of vehicle. That means that, for example, if you use a commercial tag for a truck, you will be charged a different amount.

This can result in an offense, and you may end up paying much more money than you would by delivering the correct toll amount.

Is it required to have different tags for each vehicle?

Yes. You can have different tags under the same E-ZPass account, but you can’t have the same transponder for each vehicle.

If you own multiple commercial vehicles, there are retail E-ZPass accounts available so that you can assign various tags for as many cars as you need.

In summary, E-ZPass for trucks is different than standard E-ZPass tags. Still, more than an aesthetical difference, you may need a special transponder for your vehicle.

How can I know if I need a different transponder for my truck?

The best thing you can do is get in touch with your location’s respective E-ZPass customer care center.

You can attend the nearest location personally, make a phone call, or contact them via the official website; it is up to your convenience.

Here you can find a list of all the websites for the different states within the E-ZPass network.

Another common question is whether it is necessary to have a different transponder to travel to another state. Indeed, it depends.

If you’re going outside the E-ZPass network, you must contact the form or states’ toll collection systems.