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Does SunPass work in Georgia?

Does SunPass work in Georgia? The SunPass is one of the most popular toll transponders used across toll roads, bridges, and expressways in southeastern America.

This gadget is typically installed inside the vehicle’s windshield and transmits wireless signals to toll booths to authorize the withdrawal of toll rates from the motorists’ prepaid accounts.

There are multiple toll transponders, but the SunPass is so popular that its user base of 13 million individuals dwarfs that of other transponder brands.

The SunPass is issued by Florida’s Department of Transportation (under Florida’s turnpike electronic pay system).

The SunPass comes in variants; the SunPass Mini and SunPass Pro. They have different jurisdictions as well as different prices.

As popular as the SunPass is, there are certain states it doesn’t cover. Let’s find out if Georgia is one of them.

Does SunPass Work in Georgia

Does SunPass Work in Georgia?

Georgia is one of the states where SunPass is accepted for toll payments. Like in Florida and other southeastern states, there are numerous retail outlets, including SunPass customer service centers where motorists can purchase their toll rates.

SunPass only worked in Florida, but that has changed now because SunPass works in up to 19 states.

So you can sign up for a SunPass account, register your details, and activate any SunPass transponder of your choice to pay toll rates in Georgia.

Does SunPass Pro Work in Georgia?

The short answer is yes. The SunPass Pro covers 19 states, including the states where other toll transponders, such as the E-ZPass, are also accepted.

Whether it’s a toll bridge, toll road, “SunPass only,” or highway, the SunPass Pro transponder will function perfectly as long as you have funds in your prepaid account to debit from.

It costs just $14.95 to acquire, which is very affordable considering the value you’ll get for it.

This means that even if you’re driving out of Georgia (as long as you’re within the southeastern region or the jurisdiction of the SunPass Pro), you will pay your toll rates seamlessly each time you drive through a toll booth.

Does SunPass Mini Work in Georgia?

If there’s one thing Georgia residents can appreciate, it’s that Georgia is one of the three states where both variants of the SunPass (SunPass Pro and SunPass Mini) work in.

The other two states are North Carolina and Florida. Other states where the SunPass Pro covers the SunPass works. The SunPass Mini, on the other hand, covers just three states. Fortunately, Georgia is one of them.

You can also use the SunPass Mini transponder to pay toll rates.

If you’re a Georgia resident and don’t have plans to travel to a state aside from Florida and North Carolina, there’s no need to upgrade to a SunPass Pro transponder.

The cost of the SunPass Mini transponder is just $4.99 with tax.

Does SunPass Work on Georgia Express Lanes?

As we mentioned, you can use the SunPass transponder to pay for tolls, and express lanes are also included.

This means motorists traveling along Georgia Interstate 85 and Interstate 75 in Atlanta can have their toll rates automatically debited from their prepaid account as long as they have their SunPass transponder.

This contrasts with the previous situation where motorists received their toll bills in the mail.

Does SunPass Work on Georgia Peach Pass?

The Peach Pass is a transponder on its own, just like SunPass. Before the emergence of SunPass on Georgia toll roads, Peach Pass was used by Georgia residents to pay toll rates on Georgia express lanes.


SunPass is gaining more ground and becoming more popular in the U.S. Compared to its original jurisdiction, which was exclusively Florida.

Now you can use the transponder (SunPass Pro) to pay toll rates in up to 19 states. That’s a significant upgrade. It won’t be surprising to see SunPass being accepted in more states as time progresses.