Does E-ZPass work in Texas?

Does E-ZPass work in Texas

The E-ZPass network currently works with 17 states and some Washington DC areas. Also, there are plans for including Florida on the list. Unfortunately, if you travel to Texas soon, your regular E-ZPass transponder will not work on the said state’s toll roads.

Still, you are not left without options. To accelerate your travel, you can register in the different toll-collection system networks that Texas has available. It has four options, and it’s up to you to choose the one that’s best for you.

  1. TxTag
  2. TollTag
  3. EZ Tag
  4. National Pass

First option: TxTag

Texas Department of Transportation is the institution in charge of TxTag. It is the main option, as it works throughout all toll lanes in Texas. Still, there are particular areas on the Mexico-Texas border that only accept cash.

TxTag works as a regular transponder. You register on the main website, wait for your device to be delivered, and then install it on your vehicle’s windshield. After this process is completed, you must go from one to two days, so your transponder is activated.  

You can find more information about TxTag on this website

Second option: TollTag

The institution in charge of TollTag is the North Texas Tollway Authority or NTTA. Thanks to it, you can drive through tollbooths without stopping, improving your travel and traffic in general. 

TollTag is available for residents and visitors, and the process is different for each one. If you are interested in getting TollTag, you can find more information by visiting this website.

Toll tag is the main alternative to TxTag. Not only it works in toll lanes around the Texas area, but also in Oklahoma and Kansas. Find more information about TxTag on the main website.

Third option: EZ TAG

EZ TAG should not be confused with E-ZPass. They are different systems. The E-ZPass does not work in the Texas area, but the E-Z TAG allows you to acquire all the benefits you would obtain with the other two options.

Also, EZ TAG works in the whole of Texas, as long as the toll booth uses an electronic toll-collection system. It’s a great alternative, and you can find more information on EZ TAG on its main website.

Fourth Option: National Pass

National Pass was launched in 2016. More than 19 states are part of this network, including Texas, giving you even more accessibility than the previous options. Still, National Pass is costlier than E-ZPass. 

For starters, the transponder costs you $35, and then you have to pay a $7.99monthly fee for the service. Also, other fees and charges include monthly tolls that go from $50 to $100. 

This is the most expensive option, but it’s viable if you travel continually through different areas. Some of the states included within the National Pass network are New York, California, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

Florida mainly uses SunPass, but National pass is also accepted on toll roads.

TransCore is the company behind National Pass. They are located in Nashville, and you can find more information on the matter on their website