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Does E-ZPass work in Kansas?

The E-ZPass is an electronic toll collection system used in 17 states and other individual areas, such as some zones of Washington DC. Still, many people need to travel constantly through different routes, and sometimes, those locations do not have E-ZPass lanes.

Does E-ZPass work in Kansas

If a state does not have E-ZPass lanes, they use another toll-collection system. For instance, if you want to travel to the Kansas area, the first thing you should know is that, although they use a toll-collection system called K-Tag, it is compatible with other networks TollTag (from Texas) and the E-ZPass.

Remember that there is no such thing as getting away with a missed toll. When you fail to pay for a toll, you are committing a violation. After this happens, you will receive a notice in your mail, notifying that you’ve committed a “toll offense.”

How much Kansas charges per tolls?

If you are wondering how much the Kansas Turnpike toll will cost you, we have some useful information. For instance, according to different websites, the average price is $7 when you go through the Wichita K-96 Turnpike – Topeka Boulevard route.

Different areas have different tolls, but you can trust they won’t cost you more than $8. In states like New York, visitors are charged way more than residents, so this is a good thing.

What other options do I have if I need to travel to Kansas?

It’s simple: if you don’t have a transponder, you must go through cash or self-pay lanes. It’s the only way you have to avoid violating the toll laws and end up paying an expensive fine.

Still, if you’re an E-ZPass user and need to visit the Kansas area, nothing may cause preoccupations. Electronic tolls in Kansas are cheaper than cash tolls, so this is an option everyone should consider.

What states have toll systems compatible with E-ZPass?

As we’ve mentioned above, there are 17 states within the E-ZPass network. Within that list, there are some states with individual systems, such as Illinois’s I-Pass. Still, here’s the full list of all the states that accept E-ZPass and their respective websites for more information on the matter.

  1. Delaware E-ZPass website.
  2. In Florida, E-ZPass only applies to particular toll roads in Orlando. You can learn more about it by reading this file. There are plans for including It within the E-ZPass network, but we must wait for a while until this becomes a reality.
  3. E-ZPass Website for Illinois, or “I-Pass”
  4. E-ZPass Website for Indiana
  5. E-ZPass Website for Kentucky, or Kentucky RiverLink
  6. E-ZPass Website for Maine
  7. E-ZPAss Website for Maryland
  8. E-ZPass Website for Massachusetts
  9. E-ZPass Website for New Hampshire
  10. E-ZPass Website for New Jersey
  11. E-ZPass Website for New York
  12. E-ZPass Website for North Carolina, or NC Quick Pass
  13. E-ZPass Website for Ohio
  14. E-ZPass Website for Pennsylvania
  15. E-ZPass Website for Rhode Island
  16. E-ZPass Website for Virginia
  17. E-ZPass Website for West Virginia

If you have any questions about E-ZPass, it’s simple to get in touch with all websites’ customer service. You can contact them via email or by phone call!