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Avis E-ZPass – Do Avis Rental Cars Have E-ZPass?

There are many rental car companies across the USA. Some people need one once in a while, and it’s common to think about the costs of tolls and how you can pay for them while using a rental car.

Most car rental companies use a particular toll-collection system. If traveling through states within the E-ZPass network, you should know you can use your transponder on a rental car. 

The E-ZPass system is widely used across the USA, specifically in the state’s Midwestern and Eastern areas. Many rental car companies work with the system, but Avis is not one of them, unfortunately.

Still, Avis offers a toll-collection alternative to many states within the network and some that aren’t part of the system. Some areas of Canada are also included here.

Avis’s alternative can be convenient for some, but others can find it too excessive. Below you can find more information about it.

Avis e-Toll – What is it?

The toll-collection system used by Avis is e-Toll. According to their website, this service is offered mainly in the Northeast area of the United States and other zones, like Colorado, Texas, and Puerto Rico.

Please be aware that not all E-ZPass states are included on this list. These are the states within the E-ZPass network that currently accept e-Toll:

Although e-Toll is offered in multiple states, please know the fees applied can be higher than those of E-ZPass.

A rental car can be expensive by itself, and expensive tolls are not exactly something you would like to deal with when you are already taking care of other costs.

If you are still interested in Avis’ e-Toll and would like to know about the fees, please visit this website for more information about the toll costs in all the states the toll-collection system is used.

You can use your E-ZPass in a rental car. 

Whenever you acquire a rental car, it will have a transponder already attached.

It is likely stored in a lead-lined box; you can close or open it, depending on whether you want to use it. If you use your E-ZPass transponder, please ensure the box is closed at all times.

Whenever you approach an E-ZPass toll booth, you must hold your transponder towards your windshield’s center area to assure the system will be able to read it.

It is an uncomplicated process, and making the extra effort will save you a lot of money.

You can avoid spending too much money and save time simultaneously. It is recommended to use your E-ZPass transponder every time you drive a rental car to do this.

Not only will it help you improve your travel experience, but it will also ensure you don’t end up spending more than you have while you’re on the road.