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Who owns E-ZPass?

Are you wondering, “who owns E-Z Pass”?

If you are not familiar with the system, let’s start by saying the network was first launched over thirty years ago, in 1987. The E-Z Pass Group, also known as “IAG,” connects the 17 states that are part of the 39 operating agencies’ network.

All the facilities that are part of the system use the same technology so that drivers can pass through them without stopping their cars to pay for the tolls.

Although the E-Z Pass Group is the main agency operating through the Midwestern and Eastern areas of the USA, some states with an individual system have merged into it, including Illinois with the I-Pass, and North Carolina with NC Quick Pass.

Members of the E-Z Pass Group

The “About Us” page of the E-Z Pass Group states that, as of 1993, there were only “seven members in three states.” However, in the latest years, more agencies and entities have been joining the network. Now, 39 operating agencies are within them, including the main transportation authorities from each state, for instance, the Delaware Department of Transportation.

Other states, like Virginia, have independent toll agencies. However, all of them are regulated by the main entity, the Virginia Department of Transportation.

You can find more information about the E-Z Pass Group members on this website.

As of now, there are more than 41 million transponders in use. The mentioned number is increasing every day, as more people join the toll-collection system to improve their travel experience.

If you are looking for information related to your location, please visit the respective website. The E-Z Pass Group IAG website is mainly a “tool” for staff and members.

Future Plans

The E-Z Pass Group has big plans for this electronic toll-collection system in the future. For instance, one of the most popular news is that Florida will soon become part of the network. However, they announced that Georgia would be joining the E-Z Pass network, and the Tollway Authority of Georgia will become one of the member agencies.

It is unknown whether other states, like California or Texas, will become part of the network. These are places where people with E-Z Pass tend to travel but have to stick with that state’s rules and systems for tolls, which are different and incompatible with each other.