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Where to Buy E-ZPass in Virginia (VA)?

Since some years ago, multiple tolls have been implemented throughout the highways of Virginia. Due to this, all drivers must implement an E-ZPass on their vehicles. Traditional thruway toll plazas have become obsolete due to the introduction of the E-ZPass system nationwide.

There are multiple ways to Buy E-ZPass in Virginia; you should pick the one you feel more comfortable with. If you haven’t purchased one, it is recommended for you to get it as soon as possible.


Most people prefer ordering their E-ZPass in Virginia online through the official website. However, you can also get it at the Department of Motor Vehicles or Giant or Wegmans. Still, the Virginia E-ZPass website offers a list of all the locations where you can purchase your E-Pass. You can check it out here

Besides having these two options, you can also opt for purchasing your E-Z via telephone. To do this, call 1-877-762-7824, and an operator will take care of your case. The scheduled times for this service to be available are from 7 AM to 7 PM.

Before completing the purchase, we recommend taking a look at other crucial information so that you can come up with the best plan for your E-ZPass.

How much is an E-ZPass in Virginia?

With that being said, the first thing you should know is that an E-ZPass has a cost of $35 in prepaid tolls. Besides that, you must pay a 50 cent fee monthly, which is equal to $6 per year. However, according to the Virginia Department of Transportation, you can transfer discounts from other states so that they can apply to your Virginia E-ZPass.

As of now, there are only 15 states with the E-ZPass system implemented. For instance, New York is one of the cheapest ones, at least for locals. However, suppose you’re considering purchasing a different state’s E-ZPass to get a discount. In that case, you should pick the one that suits you better. The Virginian Pilot published an article with a list of E-ZPass prices across the nation.

What E-ZPass should you buy?

It is recommended to purchase the E-ZPass that adjusts to your family and lifestyle. If you’re planning on implementing an out-of-state tag, their other things you should consider. Each state has different requirements, so be sure to check out all states’ E-ZPass guidelines so that you can make sure you’re making a safe purchase.

With the current state of the world, getting an E-ZPass may seem like an unnecessary purchase. However, even if you don’t travel frequently, it is highly recommended to get it to avoid particular problems related to it. 

Another thing to consider is that getting an E-ZPass is not expensive in most states, including Virginia. States are usually lighthearted when it comes to this system for locals, but they can be pretty harsh with out-of-state drivers. Be sure to check out the more convenient option for you, and read the different plans available for a better experience.