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Where to Buy E-ZPass in Maryland (MD)?

Maryland is more lighthearted when it comes to the E-ZPass system. Since May of 2018, motorists do not have to pay the $7.50 directly related to the transponders their vehicles have attached. This was an announcement Gov. Larry Hogan made during that same year.

Since the system is free after you have implemented the transponder on your vehicle, your life will be easier, and you will save a ton of money in the long-term. Suppose you’re trying to get an E-ZPass in Maryland. In that case, you should know the official page for E-ZPass in this state lists all the locations where you can get the device attached to your vehicle you can use the system. 

Where to Buy E-ZPass in Maryland (MD)?

The locations where you can acquire your device include Weis Super Markets, MVA, and Giant Food establishments spread all across the state.

You can also opt for getting the device online via the same website. Suppose it makes you more comfortable, doing so via phone. In that case, all is also possible by calling the following number during the available times, +1 888-321-6824.

More E-ZPass options for Maryland drivers

If you haven’t purchased your Maryland E-ZPass, now is the time. The device comes for a low price, and since 2018, those with an old transponder can have a replacement without paying a single extra penny. 

Gov. Larry Hogan also cut the prices for the tolls across the state, which hadn’t been done in over fifty years. The transponder fee elimination was given due to the high prices in tolls and many people struggling with paying for the tolls across the state.

E-ZPass is not free for everyone in Maryland. 

There are eight toll facilities around Maryland. Although the Governor tried to reduce the number of motorists going cashless around the state, some drivers must pay for specialized transponders. For instance, if you’re planning to get the E-ZPass Flex, you still have to pay for it.

HOT lanes do not exist in Maryland. Due to this, the price of E-ZPass Flex can be a bit too expensive. Due to the same fact, the state’s administration does not have plans to reduce the costs or promoting sales. In Maryland, you can get E-ZPass Flex transponders for $16.50. 

It’s common for Maryland motorists to purchase the E-ZPass Flex transponder so that they can use it later while driving in Northern Virginia. In Virginia, the standard E-ZPass and the E-ZPass Flex are free of charge. You don’t have to worry about extra charges being applied to you, regardless if you reside in Virginia or not.

What E-ZPass should you get?

The E-Zpass is an electronic tool for collecting tolls by using a transponder that must be attached to your vehicle.  

Please get the E-ZPass you think works best for you. For example, if you’re frequently driving between Northern Virginia and Maryland, the best option for you is the E-ZPass Flex. However, suppose your usual circulation map does not go far from Maryland. In that case, the standard E-ZPass is the best option.