E-ZPass Near Me: Where to buy an E-ZPass near me?

As you know, EZ Pass is an electronic toll collection system used on most toll roads, tunnels, and bridges in the Mid-western and Eastern United States. The EZ Pass interagency group consists of 39 member agencies working within 17 states. They use the same technology and allow travelers to use the same transponder on toll roads.

Other independent systems that use the same technology have been absorbed/embedded into the EZ Pass system. It includes I-pass in Illinois and the NC Quick Pass in North Carolina. With time, it is said that it is going to be nationwide inter-operated in the United States. Its headquarters are in Wilmington, Delaware, United States.

It covers areas like Delaware-Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Ontario, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, and West Virginia.

In general, EZ Pass is not accepted in Canada, but several exceptions exist. Until 2005, drivers crossing the peace bridge paid a toll before traveling to Canada. On June 27, 2019, EZ Pass began to be accepted at the thousand Islands Bridge on both the United States and Canada sides.

As you know, EZ Pass is an automated toll conduction system based on RFID technology. It was founded in 1987. In this system, people and businesses founded pay tolls electronically. In simple words, this technology allows a driver to pass through a booth, pay the toll without stopping at the booth.

The driver prepares a month of access tolls, or deposits money and is issued an electronic tag. It is attached mostly on the windshield and sometimes on the roof or license plate of the vehicle. EZ Pass Driver passes through a special booth which has an antenna.

This antenna emits a radiofrequency field that activates that “tag.” This tag sends back the information of the driver’s account to the antenna. In this way, the toll is deducted from the driver’s prepaid account. This very tag relays the entry and exits of the vehicle’s location to the agency on which you are traveling.

In this new age, where everybody is in a hurry, EZ Pass saves time and makes traveling convenient and comfortable as you don’t have to wait in the line to pay the toll. EZ Pass saves money through discounted offers by many toll services. Moreover, this device helps in reducing traffic congestion. But the question arises from where to buy EZ pass?

Where to buy an EZ Pass?

Firstly, we will discuss the ways and places to buy EZ Pass for your vehicles. You can choose from these three ways to sign up for EZ Pass.


EZ Pass on the go tags are pre-packed passenger car tags that can be bought for $25 at any authorized retail location. It allows the travelers to open an EZ Pass account without filling out an application or waiting in line. But you must register your on the go tag before its use. 


You can buy your EZ Pass online, but your vehicle information and credit card must be valid to be an EZ Pass member. You can sign up and EZ Pass account online atĀ www.ezpassNY.com.


You can get your EZ Pass through the mail. You have to download an application from www.ezpassNY.com and mail it to: 

Applications and returned tags

PO Box 149001

Staten Island NY10314-9001

Commercial/business accounts:

Business prepaid account:

A business prepaid account option is available for the company-owned businesses or individually owned businesses. If you do not want to establish a postpaid commercial charger account with the Thruway authority, you can go for the option of a prepaid account.

Commercial postpaid account:

The Thruway authority offers the use of EZ pass tags to commercial tracking companies. These companies set up postpaid charge accounts with authority. These types of EZ Pass accounts are known as retail accounts. To get more information, you can visit the commercial EZ pass section. 

The state toll system is stretched far beyond the New York Metropolitan area. Now everyone can use the EZ Pass in Toll booths in 14 states. It is a very compatible system that stretches from Virginia to Illinois to Maine, but you should keep in mind that all states set their fee structure to issue the transponders and maintain the account.

It is not clear to everybody that there is no compulsion to buy your EZ Pass from your home state. You can save money by ordering it from across the border. The credibility of this idea depends upon where you live and where you drive? To elaborate and explain this point clearly, let’s explain it with the help of an example.

Maryland charges a non-refundable fee of $21 per transponder and $1.50 per month for account maintenance. But Massachusetts Charges neither of these two fees. So you can buy the EZ Pass from Massachusetts. 

Seventeen states currently use the EZ Pass system in the United States. So the drivers can purchase a pass from any of these states. But you can compare the EZ Pass fees and then buy. The best choice is to purchase from New Hampshire.

The state charges $8.90 per tag and requires a minimum of $30 deposit as a prepaid toll into your account for two tags. But if you want three or four tags, then you have to deposit $60 in your account. Delaware offers the same. But there is no annual fee.

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Other available options: 

  • Virginia: $35 prepaid tolls, $.50 per month, or $6 annually.
  • Delaware: $25 prepaid tolls, $15 fees. No monthly or annual fee.
  • Illinois: $40 prepaid tolls, $10 refundable deposits. No monthly or annual fee.
  • Maine: $20 prepaid tolls, $10 fee per tag. No monthly or annual fee.
  • New Hampshire: $30 prepaid tolls(up to 2 tags), $8.90 per tag. No monthly or annual fee.
  • Rhode Island: $25 prepaid tools, $20.95 fee. No monthly fee. 

But one thing is crystal clear that all states require a prepaid amount. It can be around $20, which is to be deposited on your credit card. But once the amount in your account decreases to $10 or less, the credit card is charged. This way, your account is back to the site minimum.

If you haven’t purchased an EZ pass yet, kindly sign up for one. 

I hope we answered your question, “where to buy EZ Pass?”