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What Time Does Valvoline Close?

Valvoline is a well-known automotive maintenance and repair service provider offering oil changes, fluid services, tire rotation, and vehicle preventive care. If you’re wondering, “What time does Valvoline close?” you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will provide all the information you need regarding Valvoline’s closing hours, and some frequently asked questions about their services.

What Time Does Valvoline Close?

To ensure that you don’t miss out on Valvoline’s services, it’s important to know their closing hours. The closing time may vary depending on the location and day of the week. However, as a general guideline, most Valvoline service centers close between 6:00 PM and 7:00 PM on weekdays. It’s advisable to contact your local Valvoline service center or visit their official website to get accurate and up-to-date closing hours for a specific location.

The Importance of Knowing Valvoline’s Closing Time

Understanding Valvoline’s closing hours is crucial if you want to plan your vehicle maintenance or repair accordingly. By knowing their closing time, you can schedule your visit to their service center and ensure that you receive the necessary services before they close for the day. This will help you avoid any inconvenience and allow you to maintain the optimal performance of your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Valvoline’s Closing Hours

Can I get an oil change at Valvoline after their closing time?

No, Valvoline service centers typically do not provide services after their closing hours. Visiting them during their operating hours is recommended to ensure that your vehicle receives the necessary maintenance or repair.

Are Valvoline’s closing hours the same for all locations?

No, Valvoline’s closing hours may vary from one location to another. It’s best to check the closing hours of your local Valvoline service center by contacting them directly or visiting their official website.

Is it possible to schedule an appointment at Valvoline for a specific time?

Yes, Valvoline offers the option to schedule appointments for their services. By scheduling an appointment, you can ensure that you receive prompt service and minimize wait times.

Do Valvoline service centers operate on weekends?

Yes, Valvoline service centers are typically open on weekends. However, the closing hours may vary. It’s advisable to check the closing hours of your local Valvoline service center for weekend operations.

Can I find Valvoline’s closing hours online?

You can find Valvoline’s closing hours online by visiting their official website. They usually provide a store locator feature where you can search for your nearest Valvoline service center and find the respective closing hours.

What happens if I arrive at Valvoline right before closing time?

Valvoline service centers prioritize providing quality service to their customers. If you arrive shortly before closing, they will likely accommodate your vehicle for the necessary maintenance or repair, ensuring it’s completed within operational hours.


Knowing when Valvoline closes is essential for effectively managing your vehicle’s maintenance and repair needs. By understanding their closing hours, you can plan your visits accordingly and receive the necessary services without any hassle. Valvoline strives to offer convenient service options to their customers, ensuring that their vehicles are in optimal condition.

The closing hours may vary depending on the location, so it’s always a good idea to check with your local Valvoline service center or their official website for accurate and up-to-date information.