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What Happens If You Go Through SunPass Without A Pass?

Motorists have always asked what happens if you go through SunPass without a pass. We’ll come to that. Firstly, what’s the SunPass? SunPass is a widely used transponder in the southeastern region of the U.S, precisely Florida.

The SunPass program was introduced in 1999 to pay toll fees, a non-hindrance to road travel. Before SunPass transponders, motorists pay cash at toll booths before continuing their journey.

However, with the introduction and adoption of SunPass for toll payments, its users can continue driving through toll booths while their transponders facilitate the automatic payment of toll fees.

SunPass works with an account and a transponder. The account is registered and funded with a minimum amount of $10. After the account creation, the user has to purchase a transponder, install it on the windshield, and activate it.

As the driver goes through the toll booths, the transponder sends radio-like signals to the booth and permits it to deduct the toll fees from the driver’s prepaid account.

Just as there are toll bridges, express lanes, and toll roads to drive through, there are also roads known as Florida’s Managed Lanes. Motorists have been eager to know what will happen if they go through these marked roads without a pass. Let’s find out.

What Happens if You Drive Through SunPass Only Lane Without a Pass

By saying “Pass,” the reference isn’t just to SunPass transponders; it extends to other toll transponders that work in Florida. If motorists drive through a SunPass Only lane, they will be fined a daily violation charge of $25.

Can I Drive Through Florida Tolls Without a SunPass?

The short answer is yes, you can. SunPass is the most popular prepaid toll program founded by the state’s transportation department.

However, that doesn’t mean SunPass is Florida’s only accepted toll transponder. There are other ones, such as LEEWAY Pass, E-Pass, etc. So a motorist doesn’t need to use SunPass to pay toll rates at Florida’s toll booths.

Any toll transponder that’s accepted in Florida will do. However, SunPass offers the best toll rates and a 25% savings on accumulated toll expenses.

How Much is a SunPass Toll Violation?

This question has already been answered in “What happens if you drive through the SunPass Only lane without a pass?”

How Do I Pay A Toll That I Missed in Florida?

There are several methods you can use to pay. Whichever one you choose should be based on what you prefer the most. You can pay missed tolls in Florida;

  • By using cash at the SunPass retail location or walk-in center
  • Via a phone call to 1-(888)-TOLL-FLA (the official line for the SunPass customer service center)
  • By visiting the SunPass website
  • By mail: Remove the payment slip on the rear side of the toll invoice, and send it with cash or a check in the envelope the invoice came with.

How Do I Know if I Owe Tolls in Florida?

Follow the steps below to check if you owe tolls in Florida;

  • Visit the SunPass website
  • Go to “invoice inquiry” and check for overdue tolls by inputting your vehicle plate number and zip code.
  • The information you’re seeking will be displayed.

There’s an alternative way. If you possess a valid/active toll tag in Florida, log in to your SunPass account to check your toll activity. You’ll see the tolls you owe there (if any).

Will SunPass Suspend My License?

The short answer to this is yes. That’s why we recommend verifying if you have enough funds for toll payments in your SunPass account and checking if your transponder is active.

You’ll continue driving on Florida’s toll roads if you wrongly assume the account is funded and the transponder is active.

This will result in accumulated tickets for driving through toll booths without making payments. Over time, this will result in the suspension of your driving license.


Using SunPass has benefits such as cheaper toll rates, SunPass Plus parking, discounts for long-term users, and so on. However, its misuse is not without consequences for defaulters.

Always ensure that your SunPass prepaid account is not lacking funds. You can set a reminder to fund it twice a week or weekly (depending on your travel frequency).

Also, ensure that your transponder is active so that when you drive through toll booths, it will send authorization for your prepaid account to be debited.

You can also check your transponder status periodically. This way, you won’t miss or owe tolls.