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What happens if you go through E-ZPass without one?

Drivers from the Midwestern and Eastern zones of the United States use a toll-collection system called E-ZPass.

It was first introduced throughout the network more than thirty years ago, giving multiple benefits to thousands of drivers, improving their traveling experience, and enhancing traffic in general.

For example, drivers are not forced to stop every time they drive near a tollbooth.

Although the system has been working excellently throughout the years, it is still causing problems due to many people not being correctly informed about its functions and its rules.

For example, one of the most common E-ZPass violations is driving through an automatic tollbooth without a transponder.

When this happens, you’ll be facing Toll Evasion charges and a costly fine. Read on to find out what other violations exist if you are unfamiliar with them and possess an E-ZPass.

E-ZPass Violations

Insufficient Funds

If you have not replenished your account’s balance and go through a toll booth, you will be facing insufficient fund charges.

This happens due to a negative balance and can be easily avoided by ensuring you’ll have enough funds in your E-ZPass account.

It is recommended to check it regularly, especially if you travel through toll lanes, bridges, and tunnels. 

Credit Card Problems

This happens the credit card associated with your E-ZPass account expires or is canceled. Also, if you have provided incorrect information about it, you will be facing the same problem.

Suppose your credit card is canceled or expired. In that case, you must modify the information you provided in your account to avoid further problems.

An inactive, malfunctioning, or not-properly-installed transponder

All drivers must install their E-ZPass transponders properly. Otherwise, they may be facing charges related to this, as the system may not detect your device.

Also, please check it periodically. Your E-ZPass transponder can start malfunctioning. Also, make sure it is active before going out. Otherwise, you will be dealing with a costly fine soon.  

There are some exceptions applied to this rule, though. If you have lost your transponder or presume it has been stolen, please report it to the correspondent agency so they can inactivate it as soon as possible. After that, it won’t work on any of the toll facilities across the network.

Other problems

Other violations people can commit regarding E-ZPass are problems related to their vehicles or plate types.

For instance, if you are not using the correct device for your car, it may malfunction, and therefore, you will receive an infraction and be required to pay for the fine. 

Dispute your E-ZPass Violation

If you have committed one of these violations, you need to take care of it as soon as possible. Claims must be submitted within the first thirty days after the toll violation notice has been mailed to you.

Get in touch with the respective agency where you got your E-ZPass registered for further information about how to dispute your E-ZPass violation and get out of it as soon as possible.