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Valvoline Oil Filter Cross Reference Chart

Here is a Valvoline oil filter cross-reference chart:

Valvoline Oil FilterCross Reference
VO-106AC Delco PF48, Chrysler 4105409, Ford E1EE-6714-AA, GM 89017524, Isuzu 181-01074, Mazda B6Y1-14-302, Nissan 15208-9E000, Subaru 15208-KA010
VO-88AC Delco PF47, GM 6439929, 25010792
VO-25Chrysler 4106192, Ford F81Z-6731-AA, Mazda B6Y1-14-303, Nissan 15208-9E001, Subaru 15208-KA020
VO-95Chrysler 5281090, Isuzu 181-01075
VO-16AC Delco PF46, GM 25010791
VO-84Toyota 04152-31090
VO-40GM 12608987, Toyota 90915-03001
VO-108Cadillac 10488366, GM 10488366, Oldsmobile 10488366
VO-118Chrysler 4572550, Ford 1E0E-6714-AA, Mazda 1E0E-6714-AA
VO-76GM 10488367
VO-55GM 25012760
VO-58GM 10488368

This is just a sample cross-reference chart. The actual cross reference for your vehicle may vary. Always consult your car’s owner’s manual to get the specific oil filter that is recommended for your car.

Understanding the Importance of Oil Filters

Oil filters are indispensable in ensuring your vehicle’s engine runs smoothly. They effectively eliminate any contaminants or particles that may degrade the quality of the engine oil. Over time, these particles can lead to engine wear and tear. Referencing the Valvoline oil filter cross reference chart, one can pinpoint the most suitable filter for their vehicle model, ensuring longevity and optimum performance.

Deciphering the Valvoline Oil Filter Range

Valvoline offers an extensive range of oil filters to cater to many vehicles. Here’s a breakdown of some of their premier offerings:

  1. Valvoline Daily Protection Filters: Ideal for everyday drivers who want standard engine protection. These filters are designed for most modern vehicles and offer reliable protection.
  2. Valvoline MaxLife Filters: These filters provide advanced engine protection for vehicles that have clocked in more miles. They are constructed with synthetic blend media to ensure contaminants as small as 30 microns are efficiently captured.
  3. Valvoline Premium Blue Filters: Crafted specifically for heavy-duty engines, these filters ensure maximum cleanliness in demanding driving conditions.

To use the Valvoline oil filter cross reference chart effectively, one must first identify the make and model of the vehicle. This initial step ensures you match your vehicle’s specific requirements to the correct Valvoline filter.

Once you have the make and model in hand, reference the chart to locate the corresponding Valvoline filter number. This unique identifier will clarify the exact filter variant you should opt for.

Comparing Valvoline Filters with Other Brands

It’s natural for users to be curious about how Valvoline filters stack up against competitors. While Valvoline holds a significant market reputation, it’s always prudent to cross-reference with other brands. By comparing specifications, lifespan, and user reviews, one can ascertain the superiority of Valvoline filters in the market landscape.

Ensuring Filter Longevity and Efficiency

While selecting the right filter from the Valvoline oil filter cross reference chart is essential, it’s equally important to maintain and replace these filters at regular intervals. By adhering to recommended change intervals, vehicle owners can ensure maximum engine protection and prolong the life of their vehicle.


In vehicle maintenance, the importance of selecting the right oil filter cannot be overstated. With the Valvoline oil filter cross reference chart, individuals are equipped with a powerful tool to make informed decisions. This guide ensures that vehicles get the filter they need, promoting engine health and optimal performance. By aligning with a reputable brand like Valvoline, vehicle owners are investing in the longevity and health of their prized possessions.