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Turo Damage Claim Process

Car rentals have revolutionized the way people travel. With the introduction of peer-to-peer car-sharing platforms like Turo, renting a car has become more accessible, affordable, and convenient. While renting a car on Turo is straightforward, damage claims can be a headache. In this article, we will guide you through the Turo damage claim process, step-by-step.

Step 1: Document the damage

The first step in the Turo damage claim process is to document the damage. Turo requires you to document the damage by taking clear and comprehensive photos. You should take pictures of the damage from different angles and distances. Also, make sure to capture the entire vehicle in the photos. This documentation will be evidence when you file a damage claim with Turo.

Step 2: Notify Turo

After documenting the damage, the next step is to notify Turo. You should notify Turo immediately, even if you plan to file a damage claim with your insurance company. To notify Turo, go to the trip details page in your account and click “Report an Issue.” You will be prompted to provide a detailed description of the damage and upload the photos you took in step 1.

Step 3: File a damage claim

After notifying Turo, the next step is to file a damage claim. You can file a damage claim by going to the trip details page in your Turo account and clicking “File a Claim.” You will be prompted to provide additional information, such as the estimated cost of the repairs and whether you have filed a claim with your insurance company.

Step 4: Turo reviews the claim

Once you have filed a damage claim, Turo will review the claim. Turo will assess the damage and determine if its protection plans cover it. If the damage is covered, Turo will provide you with a repair estimate and arrange to complete the repairs.

Step 5: Repair the vehicle

If Turo’s protection plans cover the damage, you must have the vehicle repaired. Turo will arrange for the repairs to be completed at a licensed repair facility. You will be responsible for paying the deductible for the protection plan you selected when renting the vehicle.

Step 6: Turo reimburses you

After completing the repairs, Turo will reimburse you for the repair costs. Turo will deduct the deductible and any other applicable fees from the reimbursement amount. The reimbursement will be paid directly to your bank account or credit card.


The Turo damage claim process can be daunting, but following these steps will help you navigate the process smoothly. Documenting the damage, notifying Turo, filing a damage claim, and repairing the vehicle are critical steps. Remember to select the protection plan that suits your needs when renting a car on Turo. By doing so, you can ensure that you are protected in the event of damage to the vehicle.