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How Much Weight Can a Toyota Camry Carry?

Have you ever wondered, “How much weight can a Toyota Camry take?” Maybe you’re planning a cross-country trip or considering a weekend adventure and need to tow some equipment.

The Camry, known for its reliability and comfort, might surprise you with its hauling prowess.

Let’s tackle this topic, so you don’t find yourself with a packed car, asking, “How much luggage will my Toyota Camry hold?” or “Can my Camry handle towing this trailer?”

Toyota Camry Towing Capacity: A Breakdown by Year

1. The Vintage Warriors (1983-1986)

For these older models, the braked towing capacity stands at 1000kg. This means if your trailer has its brakes, your Camry can haul up to this weight.

2. Late 80’s to Early 90’s (1987-1992)

During these years, Toyota boosted the Camry’s towing capacity, ranging between 1000kg and 1200kg.

3. The 90’s Haulers (1993-2001)

With advancements in engineering, Camrys from these years could tug between 1000kg and a whopping 1600kg.

4. Early 2000s (2002-2006)

Toyota kept upping the game with capacities between 1100kg and 1600kg.

5. Late 2000s (2007-2012)

During this period, Toyota standardized the capacity at 1200kg.

6. Mid-2010s (2013-2016)

These models saw a broad range: a surprisingly low 300kg to a resilient 1600kg.

7. The Modern Beauties (2017-present)

Modern Camrys are as versatile as ever, with capacities ranging from 400kg to 1600kg.

Considerations Before Towing

While your Toyota Camry can tow, there are essential factors to keep in mind:

  • Braked vs. Unbraked: The figures provided above are for trailers with their braking system (braked). Typically, vehicles should tow no more than 750kg without trailer brakes.
  • Vehicle Performance: Towing, especially near the upper limit, can affect the car’s performance and fuel consumption. So always factor in how much you’re carrying inside the Camry itself!
  • Safety First: Overloading your vehicle can lead to challenges in handling and braking, increasing the risk of accidents.

Tips for Safe Towing with Your Camry

  1. Load Properly: Ensure even distribution of weight in the trailer.
  2. Drive Carefully: Remember, you have extra weight; sudden moves can be risky.
  3. Increased Stopping Distance: Towing increases the distance required to come to a complete stop.
  4. Check Your Equipment: Before setting off, ensure the trailer is connected securely, and all safety mechanisms are engaged.

Camry’s Interior Carrying Capabilities

You may be mulling over towing capacities, but let’s not forget the equally important question: “How much luggage will a Toyota Camry hold?

After all, not every trip requires a trailer. Sometimes, it’s just about cramming those suitcases, camping gear, or shopping bags into your car.

1. Trunk Space and Versatility

Modern Toyota Camrys boast a spacious trunk. The trunk volume can range from 14 to 15.1 cubic feet depending on the year and specific model.

That’s ample room for at least three large suitcases, or even more if you’re a packing pro!

2. Rear Folding Seats

Want more room? Most recent Camry models come with 60/40 split rear seats. Fold these down, and you can accommodate longer items, like skis, surfboards, or even flat-packed furniture.

3. Cabin Storage

The Camry’s interior design ensures that passengers have places to store their personal items.

Every nook and cranny has been optimized for usability, from door pockets and glove compartments to center console storage.

Considering Upgrades for Towing

If you frequently ask, “Can a Toyota Camry tow a trailer?” or “How much can a Toyota Camry tow?” you might want to consider some upgrades.

1. Trailer Hitch

Invest in a high-quality trailer hitch tailored for the Camry. This will ensure a secure connection and minimize risks while towing.

2. Cooling System

Towing can strain the engine, leading to overheating. Upgrading to a more robust cooling system can help mitigate this.

3. Brake System

A more substantial load requires more stopping power. Consider upgrading to high-performance brake pads and rotors.

Insurance Implications

Before you hitch that trailer or load up your trunk, take a moment to check your car insurance policy.

Some insurance providers require you to inform them if you regularly tow a trailer. Failing to do so might affect your claim in case of an accident while towing.


Your Toyota Camry is more than just a smooth ride for daily commutes. With the right knowledge and perhaps a few upgrades, it can be a reliable companion for larger hauls and adventures.

Always prioritize safety, stay within recommended weight limits, and consult professionals if you’re ever unsure.

Whether it’s loading up the trunk for a weekend getaway or towing a small trailer, your Camry is ready for the challenge.

Equip yourself with the right information, and you and your Toyota Camry are not stopping! Safe travels and happy towing!