The Best Savings Tips for New York Travel

New York Savings TipsThe city that never sleeps: New York. Uniquely beautiful and unfortunately quite expensive. But you can also save money, as our Spartipps show.

New York is not only colorful, lively and hip but unfortunately also quite expensive. So that the next trip doesn’t blow up your travel budget.

New York is not only one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, but also one of the most expensive. But even with a rather low budget, you can explore the metropolis of millions.

Sleep well and cheaply

According to our team blog, the average hotel in New York costs about 280 US dollars per night. A price that many cannot or do not want to pay. Those who still don’t want to spend the night in a dormitory with 20 other travelers can sleep cheaply at the following hotels without having to forego the hotel luxury:

  • Saint Nicholas Inn: Already from 114 US dollars per night, one can stay in the hotel located eleven kilometers from Times Square. Due to a nearby subway station there is a fast and cheap connection to the center. Our team blog writes: “A very good B&B with personal contact to the other guests at breakfast (only four rooms in total) and the very kind host (and his team). The breakfast is always very varied with lots of fruits. All in all very amiable, especially recommended for couples and families!
  • The Jane: Located directly at the Hudson River, the hotel captivates by its, despite its location in Manhattan, low prices. The relatively small rooms do not change the fact that our team blog rated the hotel with an average of 4 of 5 points. One user wrote: “The Jane offers everything you could wish for in this city for little money. Central and clean, my minimum requirements, were fulfilled without exception. A really special hotel, which one should have seen once. A double room at The Jane costs from 105 dollars.
  • Hotel 17: From 145 US dollars one can book a night in Hotel 17. Many visitors are enthusiastic about the centrally located hotel, 4 out of 5 points were achieved by our team blog. “The location is perfect! 2 minutes walking distance to the L-line, with which you can reach every corner of New York within a few minutes. The rooms are very clean & spacious. The staff is very helpful and friendly,” enthuses our team blog.
  • As an alternative to hotels, many New York travelers rent a private apartment or room from a private individual. Portals such as Airbnb or Flipkey mediate between travelers and landlords and simplify the search for significantly cheaper accommodation.

Eat well and cheaply

  • Joe’s Pizza: On Carmine Street, you can get New York’s best pizza! Founded in 1975, this family business serves pizzas in Greenwich Village. One guest praised the restaurant: “Delicious pizza on a thin crispy base. Small shop, but full to bursting. We loved it! I’d like to eat a whole pizza.
  • Mamoun’s Falafel: Also rated 4.5 out of 5, this Streetfood stand offers delicious and affordable falafels. You can order the delicious chickpea balls here since 1971. Besides falafel, the menu also includes kebab and shawarma. A guest recommends: “We got a falafel sandwich and a hummus sandwich here for $3.50 each. They were very good and good for the soul after all that fast food. Top value for money.”
  • 53rd & 6th Halal Guys: Since 1990, 53rd & 6th Halal has been offering Middle Eastern cuisine at a low price. The street food stand is one of New York’s most popular. Enthusiastic one user writes: “With the guys, you get really good food for a small price! Chicken over rice for only 7 dollars and the portion makes normal people full too. You can’t get fed for less in New York :)”

Explore the city well and cheaply

  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Over 5000 years of art from all over the world can be viewed here. The museum can be visited free of charge, but entrance fees are recommended as a donation to the museum.
  • Wall Street: Free and genuine New York cultural heritage – the world-famous financial district of Wall Street. If you have some money left over, you can learn more about the quarter for US$31 on the 75-minute New York City Wall Street Inside Tour.
  • Central Park: The 3.5 square kilometers large park is the green heart of Manhattan and a must-see for every New York visitor. Whether you want to picnic, skate or just see some trees, Central Park offers a green space for all kinds of activities – and all this without any entrance fee. You can book a bike tour through the park for 43 US dollars.
  • Also cheap and free is the Brooklyn Bridge. Easy to reach by train, it offers a unique view of the New York skyline.
  • Brooklyn bridge
  • On the level above the lanes there is also a wide foot and cycle path on Brooklyn Bridge
  • The botanical garden in Brooklyn is an affordable way to see a little more of New York with an entrance fee of 12 US dollars.

And even more savings tips

  • Lea A is convinced of the Metro card. “You can move around the city quickly and effectively with the Metro card.” In addition, the user advises ordering tap water in a restaurant rather than bottled water, as it is free of charge.
  • If you want to see one of the famous New York musicals, our team blog advises: “Don’t buy the ticket in advance. You’ll get it half price the day of the performance.”
  • Sanchezcalvo recommends: “Avoid taxis as often as possible if you want to travel cheaply. Although they are affordable, the subway is much more effective (and runs 24 hours!). It is often the fastest way, as you avoid traffic. Especially during rush hour.” But you should keep in mind that the express trains do not stop at every station.
  • Lucia B, on the other hand, advises not only to head for the typical New York tourist destinations. “Don’t forget to check out Tribeca, East Village, Chelsea and Greenwich. There are fewer tourists, but it gives you a glimpse of real New York life.” Often the tourist-poor places are also considerably cheaper.