The Best Food & Drink in New York

Where’s the best food in New York?

New York food and drink offers an incredible variety. From cozy bars, hip restaurants, and hip cafes to our beloved rooftop bars, you can truly eat your way through the Big Apple. Here we tell you our personal tips for eating in New York, cheap food in New York and special New York dishes and drinks!

Because we love to eat out in New York, drink good local beer, love cocktails and for us, breakfast in a diner is a must, this extensive collection of restaurants, cafes and bars have been created. We discovered many of the places either by chance or they were recommended to us by New Yorkers. There are real pearls among them – we wish you a good appetite already now!

Food in New York – 10 specialties you have to try!

When you think of typical New York food, the first thing you have to think of is hot dogs, burgers and maybe donuts. In fact, New York is a true paradise for gourmets and foodies! There are new delicacies to try on every corner of the city. From the best burgers in New York to the latest food trends like cronuts, we are always looking for new New York eating tips for you. These 10 New York dishes and food spots are our all time favorites that you need to know!

Best Burgers in New York


Shake Shack is a burger chain with no less than 22 stores in New York alone. We got this spot recommended by a New Yorker as the “best burger in town” with the warning that you have to wait an hour for your burger – but it was worth the wait! From the outside, the burger shop may seem quite inconspicuous, but the burgers are certainly among the best in New York.


Nathan’s has the best hot dog in New York City. The restaurant was founded back in 1916 and the world-famous hot dog eating competition is held at Nathan’s Famous. Of course, you can also try a classic New York hot dog at one of the many street stalls. If you’re looking for the best hot dog in town, Nathan’s is the place to be and a true New York food tip!

Best Fried Pizza in New York

One Dollar Pizza Slice – Champion Pizza (RESTAURANT IN LOWER MANHATTAN)

The famous “one dollar slice” has definitely lost its reputation in New York. You don’t eat it here specifically, but rather because you haven’t got time, food or salary for this month. Nevertheless, the “one dollar slice” is probably one of the best saving tips for New York. On almost every corner of the city, you can find at least one spot that sells pizza slices.

Best Delis in New York

Katz’s Delicatessen

An absolute institution in New York is the Katz’s Delicatessen Restaurant in Manhattan, founded in 1888. Cineastes will immediately think of the film scene with Sally’s fake orgasm during “Harry and Sally”. And what should we say? Those were really the best sandwiches (we tested corned beef and pastrami) we ever had. Especially if you are looking for the best pastrami sandwich in New York, you should definitely try one at Katz’s!


The classic! Carrie and her girls have eaten delicious cupcakes here. An absolute must-do for Sex and the City fans and all those who can’t resist the sweet treat.


The Smorgasburg Food Market is one of the hippest open air food markets in New York City – this is where people meet in the warm months, eat, drink and enjoy the view of the Manhattan skyline on the East River Waterfront. Smorgasburg means “a mix of food” and offers a huge selection of small stalls.

The Smorgasburg Food Market is representative of the best food markets in New York. Which of them we can still recommend, you can see here in our video.

The best bagels in New York City


Of course, the famous bagels belong to the New York food! One of our favourite bagel spots is Absolute Bagels. On the Upper West Side, you will find an Absolute Bagel Store. Due to its location, it is a popular bagel shop among the locals. Here the price-performance ratio is just right!


Doughnut fans: This is the hippest, healthiest doughnut store in New York City. Here you will find a large selection of handmade doughnuts that are only organic in the dough. Quality is the top priority here.


Junior’s cheesecake

Junior’s is an American restaurant chain and famous for the best cheesecakes! The best cheesecakes in New York or even the world? Either way, they taste really delicious and are a true classic in New York.

Gallow Green Rooftop Garden

The Gallow Green is a great bar on the roof of the McKittrick Hotel, which is both quaint and classy. The leafy, wine-covered loggia invites you to spend long summer nights. The garden enchants with vintage train tracks and shimmering lights, live jazz music and a fresh cocktail menu.

There are also many low budget restaurants in New York

Food and drink in New York is admittedly not cheap. But between the best steak in town and the well-known fast-food chains, there are wonderful opportunities to eat well and cheaply in New York. For example, New York is very famous for food trucks (Also read: E-ZPass for Trucks) and therefore you can find tasty stands, snack bars or even food markets on almost every street corner! So don’t be shy to buy food from the food trucks in New York. A good sign is always a long queue.

Of course, there are also recommended cheaper restaurants, cafés, and bars in New York. You can find a good selection in our article about the best low budget restaurants in New York. The above mentioned One Dollar Pizza, for example, is also included.