The Best Events in New York

New York is not called “the city that never sleeps” for nothing: there is always something going on in New York! To make sure you don’t miss anything, we have put together the best events per month (click here for an overview). Even if you’re looking for parades like the Memorial Day Parade or the Thanksgiving Day Parade, you’ll find them here.

One of our summer highlights is the free concerts in Central Park or the open-air cinema at Bryant Park. You can find out more in our summer, fall, winter and spring specials in New York.

Special Events & Holidays

Valentine’s Day in New York (February)

You must mark February 14th in your travel calendar: it’s the day of lovers! And what you can do there, you can see here:

New York Fashion Week (February and September)

The New York Fashion Week takes place every year in February (autumn/winter fashion of the following season) and September (spring/summer fashion of the following season). New York is thus the first of the five most important fashion cities to open the season – ahead of the other international fashion presentations of Fashion Week in London, Fashion Week in Milan, the shows in Paris and Berlin Fashion Week. Numerous designers present their collections to the international press and invited audiences, such as important buyers, stars and famous personalities, in close succession.

New York Half Marathon (March)

A dream course and an absolute dream race for every runner: from Central Park down to Wall Street. Our Sabrina fulfilled this dream in 2015, 2016 and 2017 and ran the half marathon! Start is at 7:30 a.m. on 72nd Street in Central Park East.

St. Patrick’s Day (March)

The great St. Patrick’s Day with its famous parade is always celebrated in New York in March. During this time you will have the feeling that there are more Irish than New Yorkers in New York! According to the motto: All New Yorkers are Irish! But what is actually celebrated on St. Patrick’s Day? Irish Bishop Patrick, who died on March 17, 461. He is considered the patron saint of Ireland and was the first Christian missionary in Ireland at that time. St. Patrick’s Day is a Catholic holiday – and also the Irish national holiday – which was created in his honour.

Memorial Day (May)

Memorial Day is an important day for Americans and honors all soldiers who died in the service of the US Army. The reason why there is a separate day for this is also because there is a big difference in the perception of the US Army in America compared to other celebration. They are proud to serve the country and most families are happy when one of their children joins the army and often continues a family tradition. That is why Memorial Day is much more present and than a similar day would be in our country. Many families visit the tombs and official memorials, there are many public events and parades.

4th of July – Independence Day (July)

The fourth of July is one of the most important holidays in the USA. Independence Day is celebrated as the “birthday” of the United States as a free and independent nation. It commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, and is famous for its huge parade and fireworks display.

NYC Restaurant Week (Summer)

Halloween (October)

Halloween – the originally Celtic custom is nowadays celebrated especially in the USA. This is also true in New York City – every year in October, countless children go out into the streets in creepy costumes, striding from door to door in a pack, scaring people and shouting “Trick or Treat”. But Halloween has long since ceased to be a children’s party. The city is decorated with pumpkin-head lanterns, doorways remind us of locations from a horror movie, and there are lots of crazy events and parades. But as always in New York, there is everything in abundance. So which is the best party?

New York Marathon (November)

It is the largest marathon race in the world and for many athletes the event of the year. Celebrate this event in New York with tens of thousands of fans!

The Christmas Tree Illumination at Rockefeller Center (November)

a holiday light display at Rockefeller center

All of New York City can hardly wait in November to finally officially ring in the Christmas season. Nobody here is talking about Christmas before the Christmas tree lights. It’s winter in New York, but the real Christmas season really only begins when the Christmas Tree is switched on in a legendary, impressive ceremony at Rockefeller Center Plaza. This Tree Lighting Ceremony is often accompanied by top celebrities (Lady Gaga, Maria Carey, Tony Bennett, …) with spectacular music and dancing.

Thanksgiving & Macy’s Parade (November)

Thanksgiving is a big celebration in the USA and initiates many Christmas events. Every 4th Thursday in November is Thanksgiving – it is the largest family celebration in the USA where turkey is traditionally eaten. This long tradition goes back to the 16th century – it is not quite clear which year was really the “1st year” of the celebration. The Friday after Thanksgiving is called “Black Friday” – here the retail trade traditionally grants high discounts. It’s often used as a starting point for Christmas shopping (here you’ll find the best shopping addresses in town!) and NYC is getting more and more festive.

Christmas in New York (December)

Dyker Heights Christmas Tour

Experience New York with its many attractions at a very special time: Christmas! New York at Christmas time is an absolutely spectacular sight – night turns today and there is no better time to tour the illuminated city than during the Christmas season. Of course, this is also a great time to do Christmas shopping and stroll around the Christmas markets.

New Year’s Eve in New York (December)

This is how New York spends New Year’s Day: You are in New York for New Year’s Eve? Happy New Year! Many will envy you for this because this is a great time for your vacation in the Big Apple. Christmas may be over, but the city is still beautifully decorated and all of New York is preparing for the big event of the year: New Year’s Eve. But many wonder how to spend New Year’s Day in the city that never sleeps. Is it really that hard to do anything on that day, with so much being closed? Where are all the New Yorkers on New Year’s Eve?