Is EZ Pass NY Website down?

EZ Pass website is the online platform through which customers process online transfers and get current information about New York’s Turnpike authority. Since the launch of the website, it has become a very important platform for drivers in New York. However, occasions may arise where users may not even be able to access the website at all due to no fault of theirs.

This year alone, the EZ Pass NY website has been down twice, with the second interruption lasting for as long as 48 hours. During this time, customers were not able to perform certain functions on the platform. Currently, the website is up and running, but do not be surprised if you experience network issues in the nearest future when you attempt to use it.

What can customers do on the EZ Pass website?

Website service disruptions have negative effects on EZ Pass customers and operations due to the numerous services obtained from the website. Here are some of the things you can do on the website as an EZ Pass customer.

  • Track your toll usage: You can track your toll usage through the EZ Pass website. How much you pay as toll fees and all toll details are available for view via the website.
  • Register: You can open an account using the website. This makes it convenient for toll users who do not have the luxury of time to visit an EZ Pass office to do so.
  • Talk to Customer Care: There are customer care representatives on standby to provide customers with the necessary help that they need in times of difficulty. EZ Pass online service has proven to be helpful when making contact via their toll-free lines is difficult due to network overload.
  • Obtain information: Periodic information and news updates about EZ Pass operations are published on the website regularly. Customers can always log onto the website to access authentic and timely information about all EZ Pass services and notifications.
  • Check your account: There are several ways to check your account balance, but one of the most common ways of doing so is to use the website.
  • Fund your account: Many customers also find online account funding relatively easy. Although EZ Pass offers customers a reload card to fund their account, they also allow you to use your debit or credit card to fund it as well through the website. Direct online account funding has proven to be beneficial in light of funding difficulties associated with the mobile phone funding option.

As you can see, from the look of things, the E-Z Pass website provides several important services to customers and EZ Pass employees as a whole. For these reasons and more, the crisis generated by the website disruption should come as no surprise to members of the public who frequent New York State’s toll roads.

Is New York the only affected State?

In late January, the website went down in New York as well as in other states like New Jersey and Cleveland, and then, in August, the same issues arose. When the system failure occurred, it disrupted customer service for the period among other issues which included:

  • Inability to add license plates of vehicles to the EZ Pass database
  • Inability to change the address registered to an account
  • Customers not being able to replenish their EZ Pass account via the website

Reasons for Service Disruption

The feedback from the NY Turnpike Authority has traced the disruption to system outages at Conduent computers (system contractor). When the system operating the tolls is down, service disruptions are inevitable. Despite these challenges, E-Z Pass customers can still use NY toll booth services because tolls run on different systems. However, there are a few actions they cannot perform for now until the system comes back up.

Effect of EZ Pass NY System disruption

When there is a system disruption in play, here are some of the problems to expect:

  • Opening a new EZ Pass account will not be possible
  • The account credit facility will be unavailable
  • Customers cannot make payments at EZ Pass customer service centers
  • Customers cannot log into their accounts to change their license plates or address

How to respond to a Service disruption?

While we hope that technical issues do not arise again in the nearest future, it will not be out of place to plan for any eventuality. If you do not want to be left stranded or have your travel plans affected, here are some things to bear in mind for the future.

  • Avoid using EZ Pass if you can

EZ Pass makes driving in New York more fun and less stressful, but when the service is unresponsive, there is really not much you can do about it. To save yourself the stress of repeatedly executing failed online payments, use cash instead wherever you can.

  • Don’t use EZ Pass Only lanes

“EZ Pass Only” lanes reduce the time you spend on the roads, and during periods of system failures, you can still use them as your toll fares can still be deducted from your EZ balance. But if you do not have sufficient balance on your account and you can’t replenish it, for now, avoid using “EZ Pass Only” lanes so that you do not attract an E-ZPass violation charge.

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Don’t fret when the E-ZPass website is down. Instead, opt for alternatives that will save you from violating traffic rules & regulations in New York State. If you can, avoid toll routes completely to save yourself the possibility of running afoul of the law. Finally, if you plan to avoid toll routes, make sure you leave home as early as possible so you can beat the traffic and arrive at your destination on time.


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