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Is Enterprise a Good Company to Work For?

Enterprise is a car rental company founded in 1957 by Jack Taylor in St. Louis, Missouri. The company has since grown to become one of the largest car rental companies in the world, with over 10,000 locations across 100 countries.

If you’re looking for a job at Enterprise, you’ll likely be interested in the company’s culture, benefits, career opportunities, and more. So, is Enterprise a good company to work for? Let’s find out.

The History of Enterprise

Before we dive into the specifics of working at Enterprise, it’s important to understand the company’s history. Enterprise was founded on the principle of “taking care of our customers and our employees first, and profits will follow.” This philosophy has guided the company’s growth and success over the years.

One of the key factors in Enterprise’s success has been its focus on customer service. The company’s “We’ll Pick You Up” slogan and its emphasis on personalized service have helped it stand out from its competitors.

The Enterprise Culture

Enterprise is known for its unique company culture. The company strongly emphasizes teamwork, and employees are encouraged to work together to achieve common goals. The company also values hard work, dedication, and a positive attitude.

In addition to teamwork, Enterprise also strongly emphasizes community involvement. The company encourages its employees to participate in their local communities through volunteer work and other initiatives.

Employee Benefits at Enterprise

Enterprise offers a wide range of benefits to its employees. These include health insurance, dental and vision coverage, a 401(k) plan, and paid time off. The company also offers a variety of other perks, such as employee discounts on car rentals and other products and services.

Career Opportunities at Enterprise

One of the benefits of working at Enterprise is the potential for career advancement. The company is known for promoting from within, and many of its top executives started out as entry-level employees.

In addition to advancement opportunities, Enterprise also offers a variety of career paths. Employees can choose to work in various roles, including sales, customer service, management, and more.

Training and Development at Enterprise

Another key benefit of working at Enterprise is the company’s commitment to training and development. The company offers a comprehensive training program for new hires and ongoing training and development opportunities for all employees.

Enterprise’s training and development program is designed to help employees build the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their roles and advance in their careers.

Diversity and Inclusion at Enterprise

Enterprise is committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The company has a variety of initiatives in place to promote diversity, including employee resource groups and diversity training programs.

In addition to promoting diversity and inclusion within the company, Enterprise also supports diversity in its communities. The company has a variety of community outreach programs focused on promoting diversity and inclusion.

Work-Life Balance at Enterprise

Enterprise is known for its focus on work-life balance. The company recognizes the importance of allowing employees to maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life. As a result, Enterprise offers flexible schedules and paid time off, including holidays and vacation time.

The company also offers a variety of resources to help employees manage their work and personal lives. These resources include an employee assistance program and a wellness program, which provides access to resources and support for physical and mental health.

Compensation and Rewards at Enterprise

In addition to its other benefits, Enterprise offers competitive compensation and rewards for its employees. The company’s compensation package includes a base salary and the potential for bonuses based on performance.

Enterprise also offers a variety of rewards and recognition programs, including employee of the month awards, sales contests, and more. These programs help to motivate employees and recognize their hard work and dedication.

Employee Reviews of Enterprise

To better understand what it’s like to work at Enterprise, it’s helpful to look at employee reviews of the company. Overall, employee reviews of Enterprise are positive, with many praising the company’s culture, benefits, and career opportunities.

Some employees mention that the job can be demanding and stressful at times, particularly in roles involving sales or customer service. However, many employees also note that the company provides the resources and support needed to succeed in these roles.

The Future of Enterprise

Looking to the future, Enterprise is poised for continued growth and success. The company is strongly committed to innovation and constantly looks for ways to improve its operations and better serve its customers.

Enterprise is also committed to sustainability and has taken steps to reduce its environmental impact. The company has introduced hybrid and electric vehicles to its fleet and implemented recycling and conservation programs.


So, is Enterprise a good company to work for? The answer is a resounding yes based on our review of the company’s culture, benefits, and career opportunities. Enterprise offers a supportive and inclusive workplace culture, a wide range of benefits, and career growth and advancement opportunities.

If you’re considering a job at Enterprise, we encourage you to explore the company’s website and job postings to learn more about available opportunities.