How to Pay Tolls in New York?

As the world becomes a lot more complex place to live in, urban authorities have increasingly turned to ingenious means of making cities more habitable for residents. In the state of New York, transport authorities have adopted a more advanced cashless tolling strategy to reduce traffic gridlock, reduce environmental pollution, and to improve the safety of motorists. One of the model strategies already in use is the E-ZPass.

This cashless tolling mechanism is not unique to New York alone since there are as many as 35 interstate tunnels, bridges and toll roads currently using cashless tolling too. Read on to find out more about E-Z Pass and how you can use it to pay tolls in New York.

How do you pay for tolls in New York?

Basically, there are two ways to pay tolls in New York – with an E-Z Pass and without an E-Z Pass.

Paying with an EZ Pass

Paying your tolls with an EZ Pass has several advantages, but one of the major advantages has to do with the discount you enjoy, which may range between 30%-50% discount on toll charges. Here are the ways to expedite payment using an E-Z Pass:

  • Automatic Replenishment

To automatically replenish your E-Z Pass, all you have to do is simply link it to either your bank account or your credit or debit card. Having a loaded EZ Pass will help you avoid the anxiety of worrying about insufficient funds in your EZ Pass account. With this medium, your account will replenish automatically whenever the balance is low.

  • Pay Per Trip

If you don’t want to link your credit or debit card or even your bank account to your E-Z Pass, you can also pay for only the tolls you use per trip. To do this, simply link your EZ Pass to your checking account, and you are good to go.

Under this plan, you enjoy toll discounts, and it does not require you to link a bank account or card to it. To avail of this opportunity, just purchase an EZ Pass tag at the nearest Customer Service Center. After making the purchase, register it, and then refill it with cash.

Paying without an EZ Pass

If you do not have an EZ Pass, you can still pay your New York toll charges in one of the following two ways:

  • Mail Tolls

This is a traditional form that uses mail order. Your toll bills will be mailed to the registered address of the vehicle owner. Once you’ve received the bill, you can pay it in person, over the phone, or through your bank. Know more about Mail Tolls.

  • Short-term Account

You can also set up a short-term account with your credit card and license plate number. This plan is ideal for those who use rented cars.

How does EZ Pass work?

EZ Pass is an integrated regional electronic toll system used in the state of New York and other states, numbering 16 in total. Currently, there are millions of motorists signed up to EZ Pass with an active account. This cashless toll system is the most convenient means of paying for tolls without wasting time in traffic lines waiting for your turn. Since the introduction of electronic EZ Pass plazas, the traffic congestion formerly plaguing interstate routes has reduced significantly and has given drivers different route options.

This electronic system also provides you with an opportunity to travel non-stop, reduce travel time, and also enjoy discounts on toll payments. You can also pay your parking tickets with EZ Pass Plus at airports or at any parking facility in New York.

 EZ Pass working process

When driving slowly through a toll lane, the electronic system reads your EZ Pass transponder using a transmitting antenna. After reading your transponder in a matter of seconds, the system will deduct the toll fee from your EZ Pass prepaid account.

Some toll facilities open up their gates to deduct toll fee after reading your transponder. Subsequently, there is a video enforcement system in place to identify motorists who are violators. At the end of the toll lane, a traffic signal is displayed, indicating that you have paid the toll. If you haven’t for some reason, the signal will notify you to “Contact EZ Pass immediately” for more information.

Avoid delays when driving through Toll Lanes

To avoid delays, ensure that your transponder is fixed correctly to the inside front of your car’s windshield. If the transponder is not properly installed, the system will not read it, and you will be adjudged to have violated traffic rules. Violations can attract an administrative fine of up to $25.

Pay your tolls using EZ Pass

If you already have an EZ Pass NY, you can pay your toll using exactly the same procedure that you’ve been following till now. If you don’t have an EZ Pass, however, you can signup here to get started. What makes EZ Pass a user-friendly payment process is because it is acceptable in 16 states of the Federation. So if you are a constant traveler, owning an EZPass is a sure way of setting yourself up for a stress-free journey.

What to look out for at EZ Pass Lanes?

When approaching an EZ Pass lane, keep your eye open for a distinctive white and purple logo of EZ Pass at toll plazas. These signs help direct drivers. Focusing on your GPS should be discouraged while at toll plazas as it may misinform you. The signage at plazas will provide you with all the information you need to navigate your way through the plaza.

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Paying your tolls in New York without an EZ Pass is possible, but using it is stress-free and cost-efficient. EZ Pass reduces travel time and the possibility of getting involved in a traffic gridlock caused by a crash in any of New York City’s highway.  It’s time to adopt the E-ZPass system now if you haven’t done it yet.