How to pay a Missed Toll in New York?

Did you fail to pay a toll at any time when driving through any of New York’s tolls? Have you missed any toll payment by accident or carelessness? If you have, there are a few ways to pay for a missed toll with an EZPassNY account before the DMV slams you with a registration suspension. Find below accurate information that will help you avoid your mistake of becoming a legal misdemeanor.

Common causes of Toll Violations

Whenever a motorist drives through a toll booth and does not make a full payment for using the toll lane, the signpost will display a red light, and when this happens, the system will record a violation against the vehicle. Some of the most common toll violation causes are:

  • Non-payment/Underpayment of toll: If you do not pay your toll, this alone, is a rule violation. On the other hand, failing to pay the appropriate toll fare is still regarded as a violation. The underpayment of tolls is very common among motorists who drive through tolls regularly. In most cases, drivers do not intentionally underpay a toll, but it happens all the same. If you have an E-Zpass account with insufficient funds, the cashless toll system will deduct what is left in your account, leaving you with an extra balance left unpaid.
  • Expired or faulty EZpass transponder: An expired, or faulty transponder, is another common cause of toll violations. If the transponder is not working, the electronic trigger as the toll gate will not pick up the frequency from the transponder, and this will lead to a violation. The same thing will occur if you are using an expired transponder.
  • Exiting the toll gate before time: It takes just a few seconds for the toll system to register your full payment through the automated payment system. However, if you exit the toll lane before your payment is registered, the process will stop abruptly, and this will be interpreted as a payment skip.
  • Using an unrecognized transponder: Your transponder may be functional, but if it is one that is not recognized by the E-Z Pass system, you have violated traffic rules. This is why motorists driving along New York City’s tolled motorways should only use registered transponders issued by EZ Pass.

Also, do note that toll violation notices are recorded and issued by Vehicle Enforcement Systems to violators.

What do you do if a Toll Violation was issued in error?

Toll violations are hardly issued in error due to the advanced technology used at toll lanes. However, glitches are possible, and this may lead to errors. On a daily basis, quite a few drivers are issued a toll violation in error, and you could be one of them. If you suspect that you have not violated a toll lane, you can dispute it. But before then, you need to do your due diligence.

  • Make sure you have sufficient balance in your toll account: You can check your balance after exiting the toll gate and before you pass through another. If your balance covers the toll fee, then it means you probably didn’t commit any offense intentionally
  • Make sure your transponder is working and properly positioned: Check your transponder to ensure it is positioned upright and is working well

If yours is a case of being in the wrong lane or you didn’t make the full payment for some reason, you can contact EZ Pass customer service to pay what you owe. If you want to go ahead to contest the violation, do visit the EZPass website to review instructions about how to dispute the violation notice issued to you.

How to pay a Missed Toll?

If you have missed toll payment in New York, here are some of the ways to make back payments to cover up outstanding debts.

#1 Online Payment: You can visit New York Toll By Mails Website to make payment. There are two procedures under this segment. They are:

  • Payment by License Plate: This particular option will provide the toll plaza – in which the violation occurred – the toll amount and the date. You will need to register this information with the Department of  Motor Vehicles (DMV), and the transaction history will be available in about one week after the submission of details.
  • Paying Toll Received via Mail/Email: This other option involves more detailed information regarding the toll transaction. You will be provided with the date and time of the EZ Pass violation as well as the toll plaza. You may also register an email address through which you can receive toll bills in the future.

#2 Toll Payment Mail: Another way to pay for a missed toll in New York is to mail a copy of the invoice along with the payment to this address – Toll Processing Center PO BOX 15183 Albany, NY 12212-51853.

#3 Pay directly at an EZ Pass Customer Service Center: You can walk into any EZ Pass customer service center to pay for your mossed tolls if you have an EZ Pass account. If you don’t have an EZ Pass account, cash payment is also allowed. Just search for the nearest service center to your location. For further inquiries, feel free to call on this toll-free number to find out more – 1-844-826-8400.

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The easiest way to pay for a missed toll is with an EZ Pass account since you can do so from the comfort of your home. If you want to be sure of just how much each toll will cost you in New York, we suggest you use an online Toll Rate Calculator. There are quite a few of them available online.

Do note that failure to pay your tolls will lead to a violation notice and a subsequent fine.