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How to Pay a Missed Toll in New York?

So, you cruised through the beauty of New York, perhaps marveling at the skyline, or singing along to your favorite track, and missed a toll payment!

We’ve all been there. You might wonder, “What happens if you miss a toll in NY?” Well, before that worry cloud takes over, let’s explore your options and clear the air. Here’s your step-by-step guide to ensuring missed toll doesn’t become a headache.

How to Pay a Missed Toll in New York?

In New York, if you miss a toll, you have several options to pay it:

1. Online Payment Options

Missed that toll? The internet has got you covered. In this digital age, the most convenient way to rectify your mistake is to pay online:

Tolls by Mail:

Head over to the New York Toll By Mail website.

Simply enter your license plate number; voila, you can view and pay any outstanding tolls using your credit or debit card.

However, remember there’s a $3 processing fee for online payments.

E-ZPass NY:

If you have an E-ZPass account, you can easily log in and cover any missed tolls.

You might want to consider signing up if you don’t have an account yet.

It’s a hassle-free way to handle tolls, and you can even set it up to auto-replenish, ensuring you never miss a payment again.

2. Good Old Snail Mail

For those who prefer a more traditional route or may not have ready internet access, mailing in your payment is an option:

Invoice Payment:

Did you get an invoice in the mail? No worries. Send in a check or money order, referencing the invoice details. Remember to mail it to:

Tolls by Mail Payment Processing Center PO Box 15183 Albany, NY 12212-5183

Tolls by Mail (

Missed Toll Slip:

If you received an unpaid toll slip from a toll collector, you can settle this by mailing a check.

3. Over the Phone

If you’re more of a talker and prefer human interaction, or want the reassurance of a voice on the other end, this one’s for you:

Dial 1-844-826-8400. Make sure you have your license plate details and a credit or debit card handy. Although it’s a relatively painless process, be prepared for a $3 fee for phone payments.

4. In-Person Payments

Yes, there’s still a way to face your toll problems head-on, quite literally:

Retailer Payments:

Some retailers offer the convenience of paying your toll in-store. However, ensure you’re aware of any potential convenience fees attached.

E-ZPass Service Centers:

If you are near an E-ZPass Customer Service Center, walk in and settle that missed toll. It’s direct, it’s easy, and they can answer any questions you might have.

Surprising Fact: Late Fees and More

Here’s a little tidbit you might not know: if you don’t clear that missed toll within 30 days, they slap on a late fee.

How much, you ask?

It’s the original toll amount plus an additional $5.

Let it slide for over 60 days, and you might find your vehicle registration getting suspended. So, prompt payment is key!

Can I Pay NY Toll by Plate Online?

Yes, you absolutely can!

Especially handy for those times when you’ve zoomed past a toll without an E-ZPass tag, you can opt for the License Plate payment option on the Tolls by Mail website.

It’s quick, it’s convenient, and it keeps you in the clear.

While the hustle and bustle of New York can be exhilarating, the intricate web of toll roads and bridges can be a tad overwhelming.

If you’re not a regular driver in the Empire State or even if you are, missing a toll can happen to the best of us.

But armed with the right information, you can avoid added headaches.

NY Toll Violations and Disputes

Errors happen. Whether it’s a glitch in the system, an expired or faulty transponder, or even a simple human mistake, there are instances where you might be wrongly flagged for a toll violation:

  • First, double-check your toll account. Ensure there’s a sufficient balance and that your transponder is working.
  • If you’re convinced the violation was an error, don’t panic. You have the right to dispute it. Start by visiting the toll agency’s website and following their dispute resolution procedure.
  • Always keep any proof or documentation that supports your claim. It will come in handy should you need to present evidence.

Multiple Agencies, One Solution

A little-known fact: New York has not one but seven agencies handling toll collections.

Knowing which road or bridge you were on can help you directly address the right agency, streamlining the payment process:

The Turnpike Info website is a good starting point. It details the agency responsible for each toll road, ensuring you direct your payment or inquiry to the right place.

A Proactive Approach: E-ZPass

Prevention is better than cure. If you’re looking to bypass the entire missed toll dilemma, consider signing up for an E-ZPass account:

  • An electronic toll collection system, E-ZPass, allows seamless toll payments without stopping or fumbling for change.
  • A transponder fixed to your vehicle’s windshield communicates directly with toll booth readers, deducting the toll amount from your pre-funded account.

Stay Informed!

Lastly, with changing technologies and tolling procedures, it’s a good idea to periodically check in on the official websites of New York toll agencies.

They often provide updates, new payment methods, and helpful tips to ensure your journey is smooth and without hiccups.

Your Journey Ahead

Driving through New York, with its iconic landmarks and sprawling landscapes, should be a joy, not a chore.

You can enjoy the journey without worrying about missed tolls by staying informed and proactive.

Whether you’re a resident or just passing through, let the city’s charm captivate you, knowing you’re equipped to handle any toll-related curveballs that come your way.

Remember, every journey tells a story; make sure yours is one of adventure, not toll troubles. Safe driving!