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How to Get an E-ZPass?

Many people wonder how to get an E-ZPass due to the standard cash toll booths’ disappearance in multiple states. E-ZPass is available in 17 states in the USA, and although Washington DC is excluded from the list, some of the areas of the said state use the system.

Still, we often found ourselves having a pleasant time traveling, and then we have to stop paying a fee at a toll booth. Also, sometimes, you travel through one of the many cashless toll booths and only realize you’ve done so after you’ve received the notice in your email. In these cases, you end up paying more money than what the toll costs.

You should get an E-ZPass plan adjusted to your current lifestyle or how many people compound your family. Some states offer discounts, but overall, they apply more or less the same rules. Fees may be different, depending on the location. 

Still, if you’re wondering how to get an E-ZPass, you will need to follow a few steps. Read on to find out how to get an E-ZPass, regardless of your current location or place of residence.

Visit the Correct Website

There are individual websites for each state within the E-ZPass network, which is why it is recommended to visit them so that you can get all the necessary information. Still, we have gathered all the websites so that you can pick the correct webpage and follow the rest of the steps. 

Complete the Registration Process

The registration process is simple and is similar for all cases. In most states, you will be required to choose between two account types, “personal” or “commercial.”

Depending on the state, personal accounts will grant you a fixed number of tags so that you can give them to multiple vehicles within the required weight.

As for commercial accounts, owners can apply different and limitless tags, regardless of their vehicles’ weight. However, they must be over the required weight.

Visit a Retail Store

If you already want an account but don’t want to wait until your transponder is mailed, you can opt for going to a retail store. You can find all the locations on the websites provided above. Still, you will be required to complete the registration process on the website for further use.

Remember that once your device is set up, you must wait around 24 hours until it is activated. To use it outside of the state, you must wait 48 hours.