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How to Become an All-Star Host on Turo?

Are you looking to make some extra money with your car? Turo is a peer-to-peer car-sharing platform allowing you to rent your car to others. It’s an excellent way to make some extra cash, but if you want to be successful, you must be a great host. In this article, we’ll give you tips on becoming an all-star host on Turo.

Understanding Turo

Before we get started, it’s essential to understand what Turo is and how it works. Turo is an online platform that connects car owners with people who want to rent a car. As a host, you can list your car on the Turo website, set your own prices, and decide when your vehicle is available to rent. Turo provides insurance coverage for your car and handles all the billing and payments.

Setting Up Your Profile

The first step to becoming an all-star host on Turo is setting up your profile. Your profile is the first thing that potential renters will see, so you want to make sure it’s complete and professional-looking. Here are some tips:

Upload High-Quality Photos

Upload high-quality photos of your car from different angles. Ensure the photos are well-lit and show off your car’s best features.

Write a Detailed Description

Write a detailed description of your car, including its make and model, year, and any special features. Be honest about the condition of your car and include any quirks or issues that renters should be aware of.

Set Competitive Prices

Do some research to see what other hosts in your area are charging for similar cars. Set your prices competitively, but don’t undervalue your car.

Keeping Your Car Clean and Well-Maintained

Once you’ve listed your car on Turo, keeping it clean and well-maintained is important. Renters expect to receive a clean car that’s in good working condition. Here are some tips:

Clean Your Car Before and After Rentals

Clean your car before and after each rental. Ensure the interior is vacuumed, the windows are clean, and the exterior is washed.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Perform regular maintenance on your car, such as oil changes, tire rotations, and brake inspections. This will help keep your car in good working condition and prevent breakdowns.

Respond Quickly to Renters’ Concerns

If a renter has a concern or problem with your car, respond quickly and take care of the issue. This will help prevent negative reviews and ensure your renters are happy with their experience.

Communicating with Renters

Communication is key to being a successful host on Turo. Here are some tips for communicating with your renters:

Respond Quickly to Rental Requests

Respond quickly to rental requests, even if you cannot accommodate the renter. This will show that you’re attentive and professional.

Be Clear and Detailed in Your Communications

Be clear and detailed in your communications with renters. Provide all the information they need to make an informed decision, such as pickup and dropoff locations, parking instructions, and any special instructions for your car.

Be Friendly and Professional

Be friendly and professional in your communications with renters. This will help create a positive rental experience and encourage renters to leave positive reviews.

Building a Positive Reputation

To become an all-star host on Turo, you must build a positive reputation. Here are some tips:

Provide a Positive Rental Experience

Provide a positive rental experience for your renters. Be friendly, helpful, and professional.

Encourage Renters to Leave Reviews

Encourage renters to leave reviews after their rental experience. Positive reviews will help attract more renters to your listing and increase your overall rating on the platform.

Respond to Reviews

Respond to all reviews, both positive and negative. If a renter leaves a negative review, respond professionally and try to resolve the issue. This will show that you’re committed to providing a great rental experience.

Keep Your Calendar Up-to-Date

Keep your calendar up-to-date, and make sure your car is available when you say it is. This will prevent double bookings and ensure that renters have a positive experience.

Going the Extra Mile

To truly become an all-star host on Turo, you must go the extra mile for your renters. Here are some ideas:

Offer Extras

Offer extras like a GPS, a phone charger, or a car seat. This will make your renters’ experience more convenient and enjoyable.

Provide Local Recommendations

Provide recommendations for local restaurants, attractions, and activities. This will show that you care about your renters’ experience and help them have a great trip.

Create a Welcome Package

Create a welcome package for your renters, including a thank-you note, snacks, and a local map. This will create a positive first impression and set the tone for a great rental experience.


Becoming an all-star host on Turo takes time and effort, but it’s worth it if you want to make the most money possible from your car. By setting up a professional profile, keeping your car clean and well-maintained, communicating with renters, building a positive reputation, and going the extra mile, you can become a top-rated host on the platform.


  1. How much can I make as a Turo host? Answer: The amount you can make as a Turo host depends on several factors, including the make and model of your car, your location, and your availability. Some hosts make several thousand dollars monthly, while others make a few hundred.
  2. Do I need to have insurance to be a Turo host? Answer: No, Turo provides insurance coverage for your car while it’s being rented out. However, you must ensure that your personal insurance policy allows you to rent your car.
  3. How do I set my prices on Turo? Answer: You can set your prices on Turo based on the make and model of your car, your location, and the demand for your car.
  4. How do I handle maintenance and repairs on my car as a Turo host? Answer: As a Turo host, you’re responsible for maintaining your car and ensuring it’s in good working condition. Turo provides a maintenance schedule and guidelines for hosts to follow.
  5. Can I rent out my car on Turo if I still owe money on it? Answer: Yes, you can rent out your car on Turo if you still owe money, but you need to ensure that your lender allows it and that you have adequate insurance coverage.