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How Much Is Parking at Enterprise Center?

If you’re planning to attend an event at Enterprise Center in St. Louis, one of the things you might be wondering about is parking. Enterprise Center is a multi-purpose arena that hosts concerts, sporting events, and other types of entertainment. It’s located in downtown St. Louis, which means plenty of parking options are available. In this article, we’ll examine how much parking costs at Enterprise Center, where you can park, and some other tips to remember.

Parking Rates at Enterprise Center

Enterprise Center has several parking lots and garages available for guests. The cost of parking varies depending on the event and the location of the lot or garage. Parking at Enterprise Center costs between $15 and $25 per vehicle. Some events may have higher parking rates, especially if they’re high-profile or in high demand.

It’s important to note that parking fees at Enterprise Center are subject to change at any time. You should check the parking rates for your event before you arrive to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.

Where to Park Near Enterprise Center

There are several parking lots and garages located near Enterprise Center that you can use. The closest parking option is the Enterprise Center Garage, located on Clark Avenue directly across from the arena. This garage has over 1,200 spaces and is connected to Enterprise Center by a covered walkway.

Other nearby parking options include the 14th Street Garage, the Kiener Plaza Garage, and the Kiel Center Garage. These garages are within walking distance of Enterprise Center and offer affordable parking rates.

Other Parking Options

If you don’t want to park in a garage or lot, other parking options are available. Some local businesses and residents offer parking spots in their private lots or driveways for a fee. You can also try using a parking app like SpotHero or ParkWhiz to find discounted parking rates in nearby lots and garages.

Tips for Parking at Enterprise Center

Here are some tips to keep in mind when parking at Enterprise Center:

  • Arrive early: Parking spots can fill quickly, especially for high-demand events. Plan to arrive at least an hour before the event to ensure you have plenty of time to park and get to your seat.
  • Bring cash: Some parking lots and garages only accept cash for payment, so it’s a good idea to bring some just in case.
  • Use public transportation: If you don’t want to worry about parking, consider taking public transit to Enterprise Center. The arena is located near several MetroLink and bus stops, making it easy to get there without a car.
  • Carpool: If you’re attending the event with a group, consider carpooling to save money on parking fees and reduce your environmental impact.


Parking at Enterprise Center is easy and convenient, with several affordable options for guests. Whether you park in a garage or lot, or try a different parking option, it’s important to plan ahead and arrive early to ensure you have plenty of time to park and get to your seat.


  1. Can I reserve a parking spot at Enterprise Center in advance?
  • Unfortunately, Enterprise Center does not offer advance parking reservations at this time. Parking spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  1. Are there any parking discounts available for disabled guests?
  • Yes, disabled guests can park in designated spots at Enterprise Center for the same rate as general parking. However, it’s important to have a valid disabled parking permit or license plate to use these spots.
  1. Is there a limit to how long I can park at Enterprise Center?
  • Parking at Enterprise Center is only available on the day of the event. Overnight parking is not permitted.
  1. Can I park an RV or oversized vehicle at Enterprise Center?
  • Unfortunately, Enterprise Center has no designated parking spots for RVs or oversized vehicles. If you need to park a large vehicle, you may want to consider parking in a nearby lot or garage that can accommodate your vehicle.
  1. What happens if I lose my parking ticket?
  • If you lose your parking ticket, you must pay the maximum parking fee for the lot or garage you parked in. Be sure to keep your ticket in a safe place to avoid losing it.