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How Many Digits Is The SunPass Transponder Number?

The SunPass program is a convenient means of paying your toll fees across toll booths in express lanes, bridges, and toll roads.

You don’t have to stop at toll booths to pay cash; the SunPass transponder will handle that. This device comes with a number necessary for its activation, which begs the question, “how many digits is the SunPass transponder number?” We’ll get to this.

SunPass was established in 1999 by Florida’s Department of Transportation in the Office of Toll Operations. There are several methods for digitally paying toll fees in Florida and other states, but SunPass is the most budget-friendly and popular toll payment program.

The SunPass program comes with certain parks, such as SunPass Plus parking, allowing motorists to pay for parking spaces in airport parking lots easily.

Sunpass works in a simple way. After creating a SunPass account, the next step is to purchase a SunPass transponder, install it on your vehicle’s windshield, and then activate it.

During the activation process, there are certain details you’ll need to have to activate your transponder for toll payments successfully, and the transponder number is one of them.

What is the SunPass Transponder Number?

This number can also be called the ID tag of your transponder. Transponders facilitate toll payment while driving, allowing you to travel non-stop. The SunPass program has two transponders – the SunPass Mini and the SunPass Pro.

one unique thing about a transponder, regardless of its model or issuer, is that it comes with a certain number used for activating the transponder after its installation. This transponder sends wireless signals to toll booths and allows them to debit toll fees from the motorist’s prepaid account.

How Many Digits Make Up the SunPass Transponder Number?

This is an important question. If you look at the SunPass transponder, you’ll notice other numbers. This cannot be very clear if you’re a first-time SunPass user. You may even be staring at the number without realizing it.

So the easy way to identify which of them is the transponder number is by knowing how many digits it contains. The number is the 13-digit number on the toll transponder. There are no punctuation marks in between. You can’t miss it.

Where is the Transponder Number on the SunPass Pro?

The transponder number is the last numerical inscription located at the rear of the transponder between the suction cups.

Since the transponder will be installed inside the car and the suction cups will hold on to the glass, your transponder number will face outwards.

Where is the Transponder Number on the SunPass Mini?

The transponder number is on the front side, just above the barcode for the SunPass Mini sticker. The transponder numbers for the SunPass Pro and Mini are located in different areas but contain 13 digits.

Is the Transponder Number Too Long?

The number is lengthy, but we can’t say it’s too long. If anything, its length makes it stand out on the transponder, which enables you to identify it easily.

This number is similar to the IMEI number for mobile phones; they’re just as long, if not longer. It’s just a thing with devices.

Sunpass Login with the Transponder Number?

The transponder number is a vital detail as far as the SunPass program is concerned. You’ll need your account number, username, zip code, and password to log in to your SunPass account.

However, if you want to check your username, you’ll need your zip code, account number, or transponder number.

What to Do if the SunPass Transponder Number is Already Registered?

If you just purchased a SunPass transponder and while trying to activate it, you hear that the transponder number is already registered to another account, that means you can’t use it.

You’ll need to contact the SunPass customer service center by dialing 1-888-TOLL-FLA (1-888-865-5352) to request a replacement transponder. On the other hand, if it’s not a newly purchased transponder, then using it on your vehicle will incur toll charges from the prepaid account to the transponder number it is registered to.

Which One is the Transponder Number on SunPass?

This question has already been answered in “where is the transponder number on SunPass pro?” and “where is the transponder number on SunPass mini?”


The SunPass program services more than 13 million motorists in Florida and other states where SunPass works. At the core of this program is the transponder number.

Without this, the activation of the transponder for toll payments will be impossible. After reading through, we hope you’ll identify the transponder number on the SunPass Mini and Pro transponders.

Finally, as popular as the SunPass program in Florida, motorists are not mandated to use it. It’s just one of many. However, it gives its users lesser toll rates.