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How does E-ZPass work in NY?

In New York, thruway toll plazas are now in the past. Some years ago, the state’s administration completed introducing the E-ZPass system across different lanes, tunnels, and bridges across the state. Due to this, NY is one of the 17 states within the E-ZPass network.

How the system works is simple! First, you must create an account on the E-ZPass NY website (currently down due to the coronavirus outbreak) after you must complete all the needed steps until you’re finally able to order your transponder. You can also do so by calling the number 1-800-697-1554.

Please note that there are distinct NYSBA staffed toll lanes spread across the state. The New York State Bridge Authority has stated that all drivers can acquire the necessary tags at any of them, but it costs $25.

How does E-ZPass work in NY

How does E-ZPass work in NY?

The system’s functioning is simple. After your device has been attached to the vehicle’s windshield, you must wait 24 hours for its work on the different toll booths across the state and 48 hours if you want to use it out of the state. Still, the process for both is essentially the same.

By using RFID technology, the transponder communicates with the antenna that’s near the toll booth. There, the system has access to your account, and if you have enough funds available in your balance, the fee will be charged. It’s effortless!

About E-ZPass fees in NY

First, you should know that residents are offered several discounts and pay small fees when they drive through the different cashless toll booths. However, visitors have it more costly. Still, even if you’re not a resident from NY, you can opt for registering your E-ZPass here to enjoy the many discounts. 

The standard fee for NY residents is $6.12. However, someone who does not reside in NY or has their transponder registered anywhere else may end up paying $9.50.

Still, there are many discounts and plans you can opt for having. See below for a brief description of some of them.

NY E-ZPass Discounts and Plans

There are multiple plans available for E-ZPass holders in NY. Some of them require proof of residence, but most of them apply to pretty much everyone. Let’s learn about them: 

For residents and non-residents, there are three plans available. These are the following:

Thruway Annual Permit Plan: All drivers get a different version of this discount, depending on when they requested it. Thirty miles will be covered by an annual fee when you first activate it. The Castleton-on-Hudson Bridge is excluded from those miles.

Commuter Plans: This is the most viable plan for those that continually drive through the NYC zone or pass through the bridges frequently.

Pay Per Trip: There is an alternative for those who don’t like the standard prepaid system. The “Pay Per Trip” option allows you to pay for the tolls after the system is used.

For residents, there is one plan available, the Resident Plans. However, it is limited to those who provide proof of residence in Grand Island, Staten Island, or the Rockaway-Broad Channel.