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How does E-ZPass work in MD?

Maryland is one of the 17 states within the E-ZPass network. However, unlike the rest of the states, it is hugely less strict with vehicle owners. Gov. Larry Hogan made an announcement in May of 2018, stating the E-ZPass transponders would be free for all motorists.

In Maryland, the system works as it does in the remaining states. Hence, the first step is to create an account on Maryland’s respective E-ZPass website. Once you’ve created your account and modified it to your convenience, you will be able to request your transponder. If you do not want to wait until the device is mailed to you, you can visit one of the many establishments where motorists can reclaim their transponder

You can also request your transponder by calling this number: +1 888-321-6824.

How does EZ-Pass work in MD?

It’s not complicated to understand how the E-ZPass works in MD. The most crucial fact you should know is that the system uses RFID technology. The transponder, a device that must be attached to your vehicle’s windshield, performs an exchange of information with the antenna installed at the cashless toll booth.

During that exchange, your account’s information will be read. The toll booth will charge the corresponding toll fee if there is a balance available in your account. All of this is done within seconds while you’re driving!

It’s also worth noting that drivers with an old transponder can exchange it for a new one for free in MD. 

How expensive are toll fees in MD?

Toll fees are not expensive in MD. It’s one of the states and New York, where the costs are less costly for residents. Gov. Larry Hogan announced that transponders would be free for all motorists and said the prices for the toll fees would be cut significantly.

The reason behind this was because the high prices of the tolls were affecting the traffic significantly. Still, it wasn’t rare for a driver to be cashless in one of Maryland’s eight toll facilities.

So, is E-ZPass free in MD?

In a sense, one could say that E-ZPass is free in this state. However, it is not. 

Let’s not forget that other systems exist, such as the E-ZPass flex. If you intend to get this instead of the standard transponder, you should know that it costs $16.50. Still, purchasing this system is not necessary if you leave the MD area rarely. Also, in Maryland, HOT Lanes are not a thing. Therefore, the administration is not interested in lowering the prices for it.

Still, you should keep in mind that if you travel between MD and Nothern Virginia, an E-ZPass flex transponder will be necessary. However, both systems are free in Virginia, so besides the $16.50 you have to pay initially, you don’t have to pay anything else.

The USA has been using the E-ZPass system for more than thirty years ago. If you still haven’t gotten one, now is the time to do so!