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How Do I Know If My SunPass Mini Is Working?

You must have heard about SunPass at some point. It’s the most popular means of paying toll fees in Florida. SunPass was launched in 1999 by the state’s transportation department, precisely in its Office of Toll Operations.

It works by using radio frequency transmission signals to communicate with toll booths and authorizing the debits of toll fees from the motorist’s prepaid account. To use SunPass, you must create a SunPass account, purchase a transponder (in this context, the SunPass Mini), install it in your car, and activate it.

Once activated, your toll fees will be automatically paid each time you drive through toll booths in express lanes, bridges, and roads. You also have access to Florida’s Managed Lanes. The SunPass Mini is the basic model of the SunPass transponder.

With this transponder, you get access to SunPass Plus Parking, but it also comes with certain limitations. For instance, you can’t use this transponder in other vehicles and motorcycles.

There’s always the question, “how do I know if my SunPass is working?’

How to know If your SunPass Mini is Active?

After purchasing, installing, and activating your SunPass Mini transponder, you’ll want to confirm if it’s working. That’s fine.

However, you must first ensure that you’ve made a minimum deposit of $10 to your SunPass account and that the account is replenished from time to time so that there will always be funds to debit the toll fees.

Now, certain things indicate whether your transponder is working or not.

The simple way to know will be by signing in to your account via the mobile app or the website and checking your transponder status. If it’s active, you should see some activity reports.

Secondly, when registering for your SunPass account, you’ll get to a section where you’ll be required to choose how you want to receive monthly statements on your transponder.

It could be a summary or a detailed report sent to your email or mailbox. If your transponder is working, you’ll keep getting these reports monthly.

Thirdly, when you drive through an express lane or a SunPass Only, your transponder will flash “Go SunPass.” Lastly, you can contact the SunPass customer service center via 1-888-TOLL-FLA (1-888-865-5352) and confirm your transponder status from them.

Activating the SunPass Mini takes about 24 hours, and if you just activated the transponder, we recommend waiting for the said period before checking to see if the transponder is active.

The simple method will be logging in to your account after 24 hours to see if the transponder is active. You can contact the SunPass customer service center to request activation if the transponder hasn’t been activated after the said period.